By centralising routine tasks, organisations can achieve great economies of scale or outsource the function if appropriate.
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By ICAZ and CIMA and Aicpa May. 17, 2024
Fast forward to this day, the world is a different place altogether. The need for a contract management system is now at a tipping point than ever before.
The main issue coming out of a recent WhatsApp-based Cotton Indaba that we convened could best be described as the lamentations of the farmer.
Zimbabwe can focus on a wise investment and sow a seed in sustainability and the quality of the agricultural sector to bring about economic growth.
Given that AI is a rapidly evolving field, new terms are constantly emerging.
This has also driven firms in those developed countries, to adopt the highest standards in their production systems.
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By Kevin Tutani May. 17, 2024
Our liberation struggle was won through a hierarchy of bodies, including Dare reChimurenga, High Command and the freedom fighters.
Technological innovation fuels invention, commercialisation, and addresses societal, environmental, and business challenges.
Many are concerned about the potential misuse of Nigeria's Cybercrime Act as a tool for censorship.
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By Jacob Mutisi May. 17, 2024
Annual inflation had reached over 1 000% and market trading including payments of public services, taxes, and fuel are predominantly pegged at USD prices.
It is a delicate balance that every business, regardless of size or industry, must strive to achieve.
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By Memory Nguwi May. 17, 2024
Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector is predominantly rainfall-dependent. Statistics show that roughly a paltry 6% of total arable land is under irrigation.
These dynamics directly and immediately impact REITs, which rely on a stable economic environment to ensure consistent returns.
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By Mike Juru May. 17, 2024
Therefore, an efficient infrastructure plays an important role for productivity, which in turn drives economic growth and development.
In terms of loans and advances to customers, CBZ recorded a near 145% increase to ZW$2,07 trillion (US$339,08 million) compared to the prior year.
He said local manufacturing companies needed to benchmark their products according to regional standards to avoid Zimbabwe becoming a market
In December, FML received a corrective order from Ipec based on the findings of the report conducted by BDO Chartered Accountants.
By investing in these assets, ZimRe is looking to shore up its balance sheet.
National Foods replaced its old flour mill built in the 1960s with the state-of-the-art Buhler Swiss Mill, commissioned in July 2023.
Zimbabwean and African businesses have been urged to embrace technology as a catalyst to exploit opportunities presented by a youthful and growing African market
Old Mutual's financial education programme, "On The Money," has been instrumental in promoting financial literacy and driving financial inclusion.
The problem that we have here in Zimbabwe is nobody has been able to go and sue an insurance company on the basis of a policy document.
Fidelity said innovation would also be key in driving products that create and preserve shareholder and policyholder value.
There are various options through which they can come into the energy sector and I think that is what presents a lot of exciting opportunities.
She said the ministry was considering using the land to build holiday homes and an estate similar to the affluent Borrowdale Brooke in Harare.
It also comes when most licenced IPPs are failing to operate due to a number of reasons including foreign currency shortages and funding challenges.
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By Staff Writer May. 10, 2024
Zeco remained in the red after posting a loss of ZW$848,93 million (US$139 062,06) for the year ended December 31, 2023.
The ZSE slumped at month’s end as the market cap fell by -3,05%, compared to pre-ZiG era, on the VFEX ,the bourse gained 1% in market cap,” the report reads in part.
The summit was hosted by the South African diaspora in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment Promotion, and other partners.
In addition to the insightful sessions, the Evolve ICT Summit provided a platform for tech companies to unveil their latest innovations through product demonstrations and exhibitions. 
Instead of treating it as a one-time event, talent management should be regarded as a continuous business process.
The sector recorded a 61% increase in production to 90 085 metric tonnes (MT) in the 2022/23 agricultural season.
Hosack also gave an update of Prospect’s Namibian and Zambian projects, where he said exploration was progressing.
This comes as gold remains the most valuable and exported mineral in the country.
Credit insurance helps businesses mitigate the risks associated with customers or debtors in Zimbabwe or outside failing to pay their debts.
This was supposed to have been completed by December 31, 2021 but it is still hanging.
Termites feed on wood and cellulose-based materials, such as timber, paper, and plant debris, which are commonly found in buildings and structures.
In a statement accompanying the financial statement for the review period, FCB chief executive officer Tapera Mushoriwa said income was buoyed by increased lending.
The Potraz boss said telecoms capital expenditure totalled ZW$314,8 billion (US$51,6 million) in 2023, from ZW$28,3 billion (US$41,35 million) recorded in 2022.
Locally, the Nissan Navara single and double cabs are the most preferred brands for government, parastatals and companies.
Bankers Association of Zimbabwe president Lawrence Nyazema is on record stating that Zimbabwe had correspondent banking relationships on different currencies.
Visitors in need of any of Econet’s products and services are able to purchase them, with the support of friendly customer service representatives.
Visitors in need of any of Econet’s products and services are able to purchase them, with the support of friendly customer service representatives.
The report indicated that the emergence of a parallel market remains a possibility, particularly among the unbanked population.
The oil expression plant, to be set in Gokwe, will be producing 60 metric tonnes per day and approximately 450 metric tonnes weekly.
This is why most locals are opting to buy second hand vehicles, which are more affordable as credit terms are very scarce.
The government has set a new US$40 billion by 2030 target for the mining sector. This came as the industry recorded US$20,5 billion in exports over the past five years.
The debentures had been issued to finance Econet's expansion more than six years ago. The debt originally amounted to US$130 million.
For instance, the annual inflation rate rose from 34,8% in January 2024 to 47,6% in February and 55,3% in March 2024.
In early February 2019, all the RTGS balances comprising bond notes and coins, mobile money, and bank balances were recalibrated into an RTGS dollar.