CHAPUNGU Sculpture Park in Harare is a tribute to Zimbabwean creative talent, featuring the world's largest and most extensive collection of authentic Zimbabwean stone sculptures. Thousands of sculptures are on exhibit in Msasa, representing the commencement of the upcoming Chapungu Museum.

Every piece of Zimbabwean stone sculpture is a fascinating work of art, a representation of the country's outstanding talent.

This art form is one of the most uncommon occurrences to come out of the nation; authentic, one of a kind, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The artists are classed among the world’s most talented sculptors, proving the argument by critics that “out of the 10 best sculptors in the world, four of them are from Zimbabwe”.

From its inception in 1970 by patron Roy Guthrie, Chapungu Sculpture Park – which sits on 15 acres in Msasa, has offered a platform for artists not only to demonstrate their great skill but also challenge themselves to push the boundaries of their artistic expression.

It has acted as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment, especially for female sculptors like the great Agnes Nyanhongo and Colleen Madamombe.

These trailblazing artists broke traditional standards and destroyed biases, demonstrating that artistic expression has no borders and that artistry recognises no gender.

Chapungu Outdoor ampitheatre

The Park is home to pieces by some of Zimbabwe's most famous stone sculptors, particularly those from the First Generation (those who created between the late 1960s and the 1980s), such as Joseph Ndandarika, Henry Munyaradzi, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Sylvester Mubayi, Bernard Matemera, Richard Mteki, John, Bernard and Lazarus Takawira and Brighton Sango, as well as many from the Second Generation (those who created between the 1980s and 1990s) such as Tapfuma Gutsa, Agnes Nyanhongo, Colleen Madamombe, Dominic Benhura, Joe Mutasa, Arthur Fata, Jonathan Gutsa, Fabian Madamombe, Taylor Nkomo and Eddie Masaya. The magnificent sculptures provide witness to the artist's ability, passion, and enormous contribution to Zimbabwean cultural history.

The indoor gallery also features a large selection of contemporary works created by new and upcoming artists, as well as some prominent second generation artists, made in semi-precious stones including Rose Quartz, Verdite, Aventurine, Red Jasper and Agate.

Visitors to Chapungu Sculpture Park will be engaged in a journey that highlights Zimbabwe’s rich history, customs, and culture.

Each sculpture embodies our core values, beliefs, and goals, eventually adding to our national identity. The artworks provide a moment of reflection and rediscovery of what it means to be Zimbabwean.

Aside from the visual buffet of sculptures, Chapungu offers a variety of captivating activities and programmes in which visitors can engage.

There is something for everyone to explore and enjoy, from Sunday picnics in the serene gardens to the wellness programme, which includes art healing, dance yoga lessons, stone sculpting classes, and acrylic painting classes for beginners.

The park also houses HAYA Cooperative, which is a collective of sculptors. Visitors to Chapungu have an opportunity to interact with these resident artists, watching them work and learning about their creation processes.

Not neglecting the importance of music in Zimbabwean culture, Chapungu highlights the captivating mbira, which accompanies the guided tours that take place every last Saturday of the month.

The mbira song and dance performances provide an in-depth insight of Zimbabwean culture and its profound relationship to music and art.

Underlining the dynamic events organised by Chapungu, the 'Tones and Stones' Picnic, set on October 29 promises to be a day filled with enchanting music from international guest artistes, compelling art, and tantalising cuisine.

This fusion of various art forms will undoubtedly establish itself as the heart and soul of the city, attracting a diverse crowd of music and art enthusiasts.

It will be the very first public event held at the natural outdoor amphitheatre, which will become an annual event.

Chapungu Sculpture Park is more than just a venue for art and aesthetics; it is a sanctuary that maintains Zimbabwean originality and culture.

The Chapungu Heritage Trust is critical in unifying Zimbabweans and instilling pride in our cultural heritage. It serves as a continual reminder that our distinct artistic talent is worth honouring and cherishing.

Visitors can find refuge, relaxation, and introspection in the park’s magnificent outdoor environment.

It offers a calm getaway from the hustle of everyday life, surrounded by stunning sculptures set amid the tranquil, landscaped gardens with a small lake surrounded by natural woodland of over 100 species of indigenous trees and shrubs.

Its wildlife includes many endemic bird species and a troop of resident monkeys.

With its unrivalled collection of authentic Zimbabwean stone sculptures, Chapungu Sculpture Park stands as a beacon of creative brilliance and cultural relevance.

 It is a venue that honours our history and fosters artistic expression. Chapungu invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Zimbabwean art - an experience that will leave you inspired and enriched.