Paza, who is also a construction and property expert, said over the years, his company has been rolling out promotions on their services and products.
She said they would engage the government and development partners for assistive devices for people with disabilities.
The book is beautifully illustrated by Mupawose’s son, Curtley Mupawose. It tells the story of a young girl named Nia who is transformed from an outcast to a household name.
He — alongside “peacocking” quislings, not so long ago, recorded seasoned lyrics as well as pitches.
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By Grant Moyo Jun. 16, 2024
We have witnessed many mayors, town clerks, directors who enjoy huge perks at the helm of the council but with nothing to offer.
 All the while, the traditional sounds serve as a compass, guiding the listener back to the roots, to the spiritual core from which all music springs.
The Best Diplomats Simulation of United Nations is a platform for young leaders and change makers to exchange ideas and come up with solutions for the challenging global issues. 
“Through these initiatives, BAF seeks to map the contemporary art landscape of Zimbabwe, fostering dialogue, and facilitating the exchange of ideas among artists nationwide.”
She also stated that the national cloth is also sold in various Zimbabwe Tourism Authority offices in the country to promote the country's hospitality industry.
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By Burzil Dube Jun. 16, 2024
After that we left for Zororo Bar.  By this time, the sun was dipping in the western horizon and the sky was yellow above the silhouettes of the houses in the distant horizon.
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By Onie Ndoro Jun. 16, 2024
The manual promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone committed to protecting our planet’s precious wildlife.
The Afro-beat artiste has been riding high on love music with some hitting the charts like Deepisa and Remedy.
She said she had challenges juggling between being a student, a podcaster and radio personality at the same time.
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By Bongile Moyo Jun. 16, 2024
In the United Kingdom, many artistes unite for a worthy cause such as anti-war campaigns.
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By Fred Zindi Jun. 16, 2024
Black Elisha is no stranger to sparking debate. He's previously gained notoriety for using spiritual padlocks, spiritual spears, and for alleged miracles at his church.
Chatora’s figure of Zimbabwe, Doris Williams, is not just a black widow type but is herself undead: not quite dead but then not quite living!
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By Onai Mushava Jun. 16, 2024
He says “Badge of Honour” is a comprehensive guide designed to equip and empower school prefects with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.
The pageant had been defunct for several years due to economic challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors.
His sentiments come amidst a wave of new releases from prominent artists like Winky D, Killer T and Master H.
This talented group of individuals has come together to form a cohesive unit that is wowing audiences and pushing the boundaries of what's possible through dance.
According to a press release from EuroFilmFestZW, this year’s short film theme explores the fascinating world of gender and staying connected.
The concert, headlined by Winky D, Jah Prayzah, Feli Nandi and Master H will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Saturday on June 15.
Craft Properties, through its corporate social responsibility programme, donated 10 wheelchairs and US$10 each to cater for fuel.
The inaugural Underground Entertainment will take place on July 12 at the “ceremonial home of Zimbabwean music” Newton Music Factory in Johannesburg.
Nzira previously led Zvakazarurwa Zvevapostori and has inherited his father's spiritual gifts.
 He further spoke on how his artistic journey evolved saying the journey keeps changing depending on the system. 
Recognising the reality of Zimbabwe's creative economy, she plans to keep performing alongside her radio career.
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By Sindiso Dube Jun. 9, 2024
Real Tingz said he was working with upcoming artists to pass on his knowledge and has written over 50 songs since 2019 that are yet to be distributed.
Previously, Mr Grey collaborated with Mzoe 7 on "Sharayi" and released the love song "Murudo" expressing deep love.
Nkosazana Daughter; would become an official drummer for Mzansi rapper Priddy Ugly — at the age of 16.
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By Grant Moyo Jun. 9, 2024
Tafadzwa’s story is one meant to empower and help others in his continual healing journey.
Moyo went on to say that they will present a variety of messages about the country's traditions, love, unity, peace, and other topics.
Aftermaths is a natural sequel to Nyamfukudza’s war-time novel, The Non-Believer’s Journey
Added Mapara: “Together we can ensure that community-based organisations have sufficient resources to enable children and youth in Africa to succeed.”
June is the month when we put focus on the issues that orient to the mental health of men, which remains an issue that is problematic.
The event offers an immersive experience, showcasing fashion, arts, cuisine and culture.
Many music commentators suspect these gifts are actually on behalf of the ruling party, a way to curry favour with influential artists.
The group aims to raise awareness on community issues through their artistic performances
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By Sindiso Dube Jun. 6, 2024
Currently, a state-of-the-art conference centre is already complete and will be accommodating at least 450 people.
Speaking on the sidelines of the "Speak and Solve Initiative" (SASI) debate competitions last Thursday, SAYWHAT executive director, Jimmy Wilford (pictured) said:
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By Sindiso Dube Jun. 2, 2024
The brand was re-launched in a picturesque garden setting on May 25 during Sofar Sounds Harare’s 12th edition.
Other festival activities include a gospel concert, various workshops such as the dance workshops and the Inxwala Lecture series, and the I Wear My Culture exhibition.
As she walked along the familiar corridors, scores of students fell over each other as they tried to catch a glimpse of Sakky, as she is affectionately known.
The first day of the exhibition coincided with the World Bicycle Day, which is commemorated annually on June 1.
The Korean embassy said they were planning to unveil an extraordinary exhibition that will bring together Korean and Zimbabwean artefacts made from recycled materials.
Mpofu sees rebranding as a great tool to reinvent himself while it’s a time to come out with a new aspect of himself.
The festival, which coincides with the celebration of the Bulawayo Day, kicked off yesterday with comedy not part of the events.
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By Sindiso Dube Jun. 2, 2024
The comedian added that being on AGT was a breakthrough in his career and it meant the world to him.
Bad Energy refers to a negative and draining atmosphere created by people's attitudes, behaviours or interactions.
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By Sindiso Dube Jun. 2, 2024