How we answer these questions about subjects will be very revealing; we may object to this subject, in fact.
Some people have astonishing memories and will remember the names of the cup-winning team from 1970 or the price of sugar in 2000
The curriculum we offer must be broad as it reaches all parts of the person – it must encapsulate not simply the academic but also the sporting, cultural, social and spiritual.
Modern society, in our drive for a healthy lifestyle speak of us taking not seven but ten thousand steps a day
Who Says’ is the title of a 2009 song by John Mayer, an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist
That is the reality — many people do not see how great their accomplishments are, do not know how inspiring they are, do not know how beautiful what they are doing is
Despite his background, or perhaps because of his background, Robinson in one interview shared a helpful insight.
George Carlin has recorded a wonderful piece about how we, as humans, have different attitudes when we are asked how old we are.
We tend to be impressed (as the world is) by those in high places with all their supposed knowledge, importance, uniforms, results, wealth, religiosity and pomposity.
Sports coaches are guilty of ‘play station coaching’, of shouting non-stop instructions from the sidelines to their players – a technique that does not help the players learn anything.
No matter what situation we face, or what opportunities we are given, we must accept responsibility for what we do in response. 
Tim Middleton is the executive director of the Association of Trust Schools [ATS].
A number of years ago the concept of EQ was uncovered in the educational world and was seen by many to be far more accurate in determining future ‘success’ than its traditional ‘brother’ called IQ.
Tim Middleton is the executive director of the Association of Trust Schools [ATS].
When it comes to the second R for parents, Responsibilities, the first ‘eeesy’ thing to do is to Ensure various important things, in regard to schooling.
Tim Middleton is the executive director of the Association of Trust Schools [ATS].
There are thousands upon thousands of guides to success, all well-meaning and wise, even if some are perhaps a little surprising.
The important thing to remember, of course, is that the box of chocolates is no good to anyone if it is not opened!
Musanhu said the schools boast of an ever ending footprint of producing leader girls who have excelled internationally, and the mission is not complete until equal opportunities have matched
“To go to school, of course!” was her reply. The boy looked at her, stunned. “What? Again?” Yes, again – and again and again!
God can and can be with them through those difficult, tough, tiring times and He can help them to handle them.
However, we are not here to discuss our favourite puddings or share recipes but we can say that we can learn a lot from puddings!
The two young volunteers stand either side of the speaker who turns to the boy and asks if he has any money
We cannot just do any old thing with our lives, filling them with whatever comes into our head, with no connection.
When it comes to discipline, often with the cries of former pupils harking back to the “good old days” of tough discipline
When it comes to considering the value of something, we might think along the same lines.
As the fact slowly sunk into their minds, the Head repeated that he believed that the girl deserved Colours, for her faithfulness, because she did what she could with what she had.
In some countries, Halloween is something that is celebrated on 31st October, though as with many customs its original purpose is forgotten or ignored.
Hashtags might be seen to be useful in saving time, energy and space, simply by pointing people in a few words to the heart of the matter, to what we stand for or believe (#bebrief).
Consider then, some of the things people do on facebook or other social media platforms.
The fact is that we as humans and as society do judge people all the time.
Of course, it is not only at the top level of sports that people have cheated.
Many parents may well have gone through one of the toughest and scariest experiences in their life, along the lines described above; teaching our own child to drive can be a haunting experience!
With an enrollment of 756 learners at primary school and 630 at high school, B & P has turned out to be the most sought-after school in and outside Chitungwiza.
Ramsay would always refer to this time as the making of him as a negotiator and diplomat.
We may take the analogy further and consider that moving from becoming to being a parent will require a similar journey as someone moving to being a pianist.
People have been tired of the potholes in their roads and have taken to repairing them themselves, as those whose responsibility it is to look after the roads do not do so
We are encouraged to ask, if we want to show initiative. Asking questions, after all, creates openings.
When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out, try to get him out, and when he is out, he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in.
Henry Ford was more specific saying "There is no failure except the failure to serve one's purpose.
The main problem with ‘seniority’ is that it is usually based on, and therefore confused with, superiority.
Hard times fell on that city, making it hard for the patrons to continue to eat out but they did not want to forgo coming to that restaurant.
Parents must understand that each school is part of a bigger commonwealth and part of a bigger picture than simply that school.
The story of Horatio Spafford is an intriguing, inspiring and instructive one.
Modern commentators have thus divided mankind into various categories, in relation to their approach to the advance of technology.
Too many parents have passed the buck to schools to educate their child in areas that they should be doing, not least in life skills.
The means of measurement may not take into consideration other important factors. Determining a school’s status on results is equally flawed.
Our modern world is too interested in the froth, the superficial, personality, and not in the truth, the substance, character.
It is not just the sports field that is a stage, but the home, the school, the workplace, the marketplace, the business world, the whole world.
We are not too worried if other people’s children do not have the best teacher, as long as our child has the best!