The Zanu PF youth league went a step further and called for an investigation into Chivayo’s claims as it accused him of soiling the president’s name. 
Despite his sponsorship by white capital, the brother found himself torn between two loyalties, being true to his own skin or becoming an Oreo (black skin white soul).
We also know that the Earth takes approximately 365 days to make a complete rotation, thus constituting a full year.
Disability and poverty are closely linked and have a huge impact on the level of inclusion in society and the achievement of the sustainable development goals.
Most probably the president himself whose track record in public relations is very poorly documented, assuming there is anything to document.
Some people were running. Some people were still dancing. No one knew where to go.
A striker will always hope for another opportunity, for that will definitely bring a goal next time. We must instil such hope in our players while they are young.
The theme on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience is particularly important given that the large tracks of land are degraded every year.
Growing up in my neighbourhood, I observed elderly individuals who had devoted their lives to their jobs.
What I want you to do is not focus on what you're going through or what's happening around you but focus on Him. Seek His hand for your life, knowing that Jesus is writing your story today.
Hindrances to faith exist because of a lack of knowledge of God’s Word. Romans 10:17 states, “... faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 2,7 million Zimbabweans currently require food assistance, and this number is expected to increase significantly in the coming months.
All players must be included and involved, appropriately, actively, accurately, for the school to run well under our leadership. No man is an island; all staff play a part, together.
 This has yet again proved the telescopic foresight of Gushungo, who had booted the probity deficient Scarfmore out of government.
 This came amid reports that Zanu PF was engaged in covert political manoeuvres to push for the party’s leader’s bid to extend his stay in office.
Commissions often operate in areas ripe for manipulation, but IEC sent a good message to the African community.
This pressure may also make it difficult for fathers to ask for help from their wives or partners, family or friends as they try to always ‘make a plan’
Ngwena’s desperation to cling on to power beyond the two terms stipulated in the constitution has reached embarrassing levels.
I see that Auxillia has developed keen interest in Geo Pomona, appearing at the project’s events, etc.
Faz’s involvement in last year’s elections put a huge dent on Zimbabwe’s electoral democracy and acting on such threats to transparency must never be taken lightly.
If this narrative is accepted, the only acceptable black families are those who pay homage to the Oppenheimers (mining) and the Ruperts (grocery chains). 
I was the last person to disembark from the kombi. Most of the vehicles had halted and there was more confusion.
Standard People
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 9, 2024
You have to visit your clinician for further action. The viral infection can worsen or complicate to give conditions such as:
Once this becomes clear, the rest of the Torah is merely the commentary and details of how to carry it out.
Positive behaviour can be reinforced with even modest rewards, and positive reinforcement in public can inspire others to follow suit and raise spirits.
It has glinted a cultural revolution. He is making gaga female aficionados not to think twice about throwing their intimate garments on stage.
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By Grant Moyo Jun. 2, 2024
Believing that the ballot box is a possible antidote, My X confronts this virus by asserting the value of each vote (X) inserted on each ballot paper during elections.
The next morning, I received a call from Pastor Smart. He had found the phone. It was in one of his jacket pockets. We were all relieved.
Standard People
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 2, 2024
Even with these technologies people at any level of the organisational hierarchy remain vital as assets for business longevity.
Coming out in 2021, it is a multipronged book, chronicling the life of the journalist and activist and her critical views on the struggle against apartheid and colonialism in Namibia.
The Covid-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this vulnerability, as it strained African economies and their capacity to repay existing debts.
It is not a secret that many politicians are implicated in this dirty game and for long have been left to aggravate our suffering as a nation.
He becomes the second Zanu PF senior party member after Zanu PF motormouth Chris Mutsvangwa to talk publicly of how the judiciary has been shamefully compromised.
Their English seems to have improved somewhat over time, but there was a time when all of them couldn’t tell the difference between “there” “and their”, or even “his” and “hers”.
There are many Asian countries, he alluded to, which have overcome their colonial legacy. “It is about leadership”.
We hope that the Zifa normalisation committee will not destroy the mood in the camp by not providing the players' allowances and bonuses as happened in the past.
Man of God, you never know that you love money until you have a millionaire as a member of your congregation.
We also teach children not to overlook our culture. We even have a heritage house complete with all the cultural artefacts depicting our history and culture,” she said.
Thirty years before the Me Too movement, there was another powerful force which began in the music industry.
Many different views have been pronounced in answer to the problems bedeviling our motherland.
Munsaka said that when the MSPA was disbanded in 2014, the relationship ended and the trustees abandoned the project — only to revive the entity in 2022.
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By The Sentry Jun. 2, 2024
When rich artistes die before they organise their finances, it becomes a burden for those who are left behind to manages their estates.
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By Fred Zindi Jun. 2, 2024
This is where climate sanctions come into play. Targeted economic penalties on the worst offenders, climate sanctions could create tangible financial incentives for change.
In Zimbabwe, same-sex sexual relations are prohibited and those suspected of engaging in same-sex intimacy can be fined or jailed for up to a year.
The only way to recognise a mature Christian is by their words.
The ICC’s stunt is a brazen inversion of the truth. It isolates Israel on the world stage and emboldens its enemies.
We are talking about a man who is about to end his second term and already he has introduced two local currencies, the RTGs, and now the ZiG.
FAZ is estimated to have spent US$4 million importing 160 Toyota Hilux pickup trucks for Zanu PF candidates.