Price hikes

Price hikes

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ENERGY minister Fortune Chasi and Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya yesterday blamed the social media for spreading false narratives about the fuel situation, resulting in panic-buying and contributing to rises in prices of basic commodities. ...

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Zimbabwe celebrated its 39th independence last Thursday amid a deteriorating economic situation in the country that has seen prices of goods skyrocketing as people’s disposable incomes continue to shrink due to the collapse of the real time gross settlement systems (RTGS) dollar to the benchmark currency, United States dollar. ...
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THE cost of accessing justice has shot through the roof, pushing the service out of reach for the majority of the country’s impoverished populace after the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) approved sharp tariff increases in line with the depreciated real time gross settlement (RTGS) dollar, now regarded as the official base currency. ...
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MILLERS have applied to the Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) to be allowed to set the prices of products under their purview, rather than have it done by a government appointed body. ...
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BAKERS have increased the price of bread, with a standard loaf now pegged at $2,60 or alternatively US$0,90, citing the rising cost of production after government failed to provide support to maintain the current price of $1,40. ...

Kombi operators cry foul
COMMUTER omnibus operators in most of the country’s urban centres have cried foul over the introduction of an urban mass transportation system and heavy presence of military personnel brought in by government yesterday to rein in operators who had hiked fares. ...
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