mutumwa mawere

mutumwa mawere

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Business mogul Mutumwa Mawere has made an urgent application to the Constitutional Court to stop ZEC from conducting voter registration until citizenship status issues have been clarified. ...

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Ghana occupies a special place in the African narrative as the first child in sub-Saharan Africa of the revolution to assert the civil and economic rights of the majority and, therefore, one would expect to draw lessons from its experience in delivering the promise of a better life. ...
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ZIMBABWE-BORN South African businessman Mutumwa Mawere has appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara to resolve a longstanding dispute on the ownership of Shabani Mashava Mines (SMM). ...

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Africa is rising and yet the majority of its people remains unemployed, poor and find themselves at the bottom of the wealth and income ladder. ...
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Africa Heritage Society, which profiles people who shape Africa’s corporate nature got a boost when Joe Gatt,Telecel's co-founder, visited SA in September. ...