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Nation’s future belongs to all

As Zimbabwe approaches its 31st independence anniversary, there is no better opportunity to examine the relationship between citizens and the state and more significantly the meaning and purpose of life in this secular age. Social, economic and political change is a consequence of human choices and actions. Even in societies that have adopted a republican […]

Constructive dismissal unmasked

I have been receiving an increasing number of e-mails lately from readers of this column complaining about unfair treatment or harassment by their employers. Some of them have already resigned from their jobs or are seriously contemplating to do so. This week’s instalment will tackle the issue of constructive dismissal — an issue which is […]

Greed must not destroy tourism

President Robert Mugabe and his former ruling Zanu PF may be conditioning themselves for martyrdom but martyrs they will be only unto themselves. For all that the party has done over the past 30 years they may not have a place in the hearts and minds of peace-loving Zimbabweans. Party activists and apologists to a […]

Women suffer from false climate change solutions

Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai once said: “In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy and peace.” Today, Africa, like the world, stands at an important crossroads. In one direction, the road leads us along […]

The year is on steroids!

I was talking to a friend one morning and they used this expression regarding the fact that time was literally flying and here we are. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and further afield Yemen and Bahrain, the year is speeding past us with history unfolding before our very eyes while we gaze at our television sets. Someone […]

African poverty — more attitude than curse

Last week, I wrote about a subject that seemed to have touched a number of people. Central to my argument was why Africa and Africans are poor despite the continent being the richest in the world in natural resources. My arguments centred on three possible scapegoats for our underdevelopment. Firstly, I asked if poverty in […]

Labour pains of sexual violence

Zimbabwe was born following a protracted, fierce war of liberation that brought about independence in 1980. There followed other conflicts, to be precise Gukurahundi, a genocide that was perpetrated against the people of Matabeleland. Violence has since become synonymous with elections in Zimbabwe where lives are lost as political parties outdo each other in the […]

Comment: Don’t use GNU for political mileage

Conflicting statements about the lifespan of the government of national unity (GNU) from the three political parties that signed the Global Political Agreement (GPA) are not sweet music to the majority of Zimbabweans. To make matters worse, those in the GNU have transformed the Cabinet into an arena for partisan political battles. Our sister paper, […]

Are our marriages open books?

Most of us claim to be happily married. We claim that our lives are so open — open books — that there is nothing to hide. Nothing at all. We all go to church as happy husbands and wives every Saturday or Sunday to get more and more revelations about how we can get closer […]

The meaning of a woman

For the next few articles in this column I will be writing under the rubric, “The Meaning of Things”. The meaning of a woman is the first in that very subjective series. After all, the essence of a column is subjectivity, you argue your own view but as the famous CP Scott warned, “comment is […]

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