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Be like the bumblebee

What a mouthful for a title but I chose it because there is a current report out on the decline of the global bumblebee population, which reminded me about an interesting aspect to the little creatures. You see, according to the aerodynamic theory of 1918-1919, the bumblebee, because of its wing span in relation to […]

Govt pay rise an insult

The looming strike by civil servants over salaries should be blamed squarely on government. The paltry 24% salary increment offered to government workers is not only an insult but epitomises the government’s arrogance when it comes to the welfare of its employees. What adds salt to the wound is the way in which the government […]

MDC congress: A myth buster

The cat is out of the bag. The MDC congress has delivered for the tribal supremacists and the anti-democrats the result they dreaded most and as expected, they have come out guns blazing. The attack on the MDC following its congress raises three fundamental issues. It puts in the spotlight the unresolved ethnic issues, the […]

Open-mindedness shortest distance between us all

A charmed few years followed the formation of the MDC in 1999. But, as the novelty wore off, cracks began to appear, widening into the complete split of the party in 2005. The MDC was a broad coalition, with membership ranging from trade unionists, intellectuals, to business interests. As with any other party, people were […]

Polygamy centres on selfishness, power

Polygamy is an institution that has survived many centuries and despite the campaigns to do away with this practice, it is still deeply rooted in Zimbabwe. Recently a pastor took a swiping attack at all women who were in polygamous unions as second or third wives describing them as sinners of the worst order. “All […]

Dynamos listing on the stock exchange – what?

Dynamos Football club has for over three decades been a team of great achievements and great dreams. It is a team that has become a sub-culture for its millions of supporters scattered all over the country. The club’s great achievements on the field of play have however not been matched by organisational aptitude and astute […]

Facebook and the changing definition of friend, community

When we were little children on the dusty streets of the township you knew who your friends were and where your “enemies” lived. You played soccer with your friends. You had running battles with your “enemies”, normally boys from a different street. The rules were clear, you could not be close to the “enemies” as […]

It takes a village to raise a child

It is an acknowledged trend of modern-day life that young people want to be older, even as it is an undeniable trend that older people want to become younger. But the story published in Wednesday’s NewsDay concerning teenage commercial sex workers in Bulawayo made for very disturbing reading. A young sex worker calling herself Beyoncé […]

Poor Mutambara outfoxed

Having been incarcerated and put away to moulder by the settler regime in 1964, the then nationalist leaders of Zanu and Zapu woke up to the reality that there was need to mobilise the masses against Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Ian Smith’s Anglo-Rhodesian constitutional proposals of 1971, which were to be put to a test […]

Bad strategy sometimes ‘wins’

The month of January always fascinates me, not least that citizens are ever so embroiled in a vicious circle of mournful complacency for more reasons than one. It is generally a month of “strategising”. At individual level, people make resolutions. Families agonise over school fees while communities haggle over church programmes. Private companies and government […]

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