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Artist Halter invited to prestigious art residency

Zimbabwean-born, Cape Town-based artist Dan Halter is the latest southern African artist to be invited to the Scottish Highlands for the Glenfiddich whisky artists-in-residence programme, one of the world’s prestige art international projects. Halter, who took part in the 10th Havana Biennale in Cuba last year, is one of the featured artists in the current, […]

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Internet — freedom at the touch of a button

I love the Internet. I cannot imagine a world without the worldwide web, e-mail and all those new toys I like looking at but don’t use. Some years back a businessman in the telecommunications business used to recount how at the height of his struggle to get a mobile network licence in a certain country […]

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The hangover after soccer

What will it be like waking up in South Africa on Monday July 12? Will the silence created by the lack of vuvuzelas be deafening? Will people still remember what it was like to live and breathe and operate without the enormity of the Fifa spectacle on their front stoep? Will children recall what school […]

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National vision — key to improving productivity

At the moment in Zimbabwe, productivity is like democracy. It is on everybody’s lips and means different things to different people. Productivity can be defined in many ways but in simple terms, it is the relationship between input and output. The term “productivity” is often confused with the term “production”. Increase in production does not […]

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Matabeleland sidelined by MDC-T tribalism

The Cabinet reshuffle by the MDC-T of its ministers in the unity government has exposed the real character of the MDC-T leader and the internal politics within that party, which point to bigger political struggles for control than what the nation and observers had suspected all long. While the plotters of this reshuffle may wish […]

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Developing countries must redefine entrepreneurship

Zimbabwe, like most developing African countries burdened with the yoke of authoritarian oppression, force-feeds citizens with policy prescriptions only meant to satisfy political egos of the ruling elite. Imposing government ministries of “small and medium enterprises” and “indigenisation” will not suddenly turn Zimbabwe into an industrialised country. Similarly, investing millions of United States dollars in […]

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Constitution, elections — priority for wider reforms

Many are very disillusioned by the slow pace of reforms in Zimbabwe especially after the exhibition of skewed characteristics by the fractured Global Political Agreement (GPA) that was signed more than 18 months ago. The GPA had been anticipated to provide an effective projectile into a transition period that would subsequently lay ground for expected […]

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What’s happening in Zim advert industry?

Four years is a relatively short time. Yet it’s a lifetime. That’s how long it has been since I was in Zimbabwe. How can the advertising landscape change so much? I have cut out the adverts for the mobile phone companies in particular, and spread them out on the table to review with a graphic […]

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Remembering and living with our past

What triggers your mind to recall the past? For Naison Dube, a friend of mine, it is the aroma thrown up by fresh cow dung. Whenever he encounters the aroma, he, without thinking about it, abruptly stops what ever he is doing, stands up or sits still, closes his eyes and slowly inhales. The aroma […]

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