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Zim a daunting nightmare for citizenry

President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

GOOD day, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Your Excellency, it is my earnest contemplation that Zimbabwe is a daunting nightmare for citizenry.

With all due respect, it is an illusion that your administration claims to be a new dispensation.

As I see it, the country is not reeling under economic sanctions imposed by the United States government and its Western counterparts as per your oftentimes claims.

Contrarily, citizenry is under alarming sanctions imposed by your government through corruption, electoral delinquency and many other governance underhand practices.

There is no credible evidence to confirm that the said second republic distinguishes itself from the previous administration.

Granted, in spite of the regurgitation of claims of newness, your government does not differentiate itself in any substantial manner from its predecessor.

There are no fundamental eventualities of the dawn of the new and the sunset of the old. If you ask me, the currency and familiarity of the old is still in perpetuity.

It is alive and active in our midst, long after the deposal of the late former President Robert Mugabe.

Methinks the heavy-handed legacy of intolerance on proponents of divergent perspectives is your guarded inheritance of governance rulebook bequeathed by him.

It is your enduring treasured manual, passed down through decades-long mentorship.

It is essentially for the propensity of the culture of clampdown that Zimbabwe is a daunting nightmare for citizenry, just as it was henceforth the attainment of independence.

It did not take long after independence for government to embark on the Gukurahundi atrocities.

Your Excellency, I am of the mindset that it was not stately that you barked a chilling warning to traders who are rejecting the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency.

Verily, the country cannot be heartily open for business given such a stern warning coming from the Presidency.

I reckon that such domineering approach is bereft of the ideals of sound governance.

It cannot culminate in the moral imperative of striving to understand the motivation of the business community as it rejects ZiG before you get understood as the President.

Essentially, the directive to citizenry to report traders who shun the ZiG appears to me as a fundamental disincentive to the business community.

Considering the backdrop of the Zimbabwe economy, which has been dogged by political impropriety, volatile local currencies and a runaway inflation, the ZiG is bound to struggle to get accepted.

Your Excellency, it is not being unpatriotic that the acceptance of ZiG is an act of last resort.

Methinks the effectiveness of your directive will be equally as low as that of the ZiG.

Verily, given the open secret history of political instability and dearth of investment due to corruption and economic mismanagement, it is inevitable for the ZiG to suffer a deficit of confidence.

From where I stand, enforcement of the ZiG without attending to the underlying manifold reasons of its being rejected is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

It is duly dictatorial to threaten citizenry with hefty fines or imprisonment for rejecting the ZiG.

Considering that Zimbabwe was listed among the top five countries that are notorious for smuggling gold to the United Arab Emirates, it is small wonder that the perspective of citizenry is that there is no gold to back the ZiG, as claimed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

As I see it, if the ZiG was to be backed by trust, it could at least endear itself well with the citizenry.

It is my conviction that your stern directive is not a boon. Rather, it is a bane for the business community, so as for the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Woe be tide the Presidential directive.

Your Excellency, your recent request for military equipment from your Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, was destined to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

It has to be noted that the United States does not intend to set up a base in Zambia.

It was a distorted narrative that Western countries are endeavouring to consolidate their power in Zambia, thereby isolating Zimbabwe.

Your deduction that the United States Africa Command has a base in Zambia is a figment of your imagination.

It is true that Zimbabwe is a loner. Yes, it is so because of its poor governance practices.

As the Southern Africa Development Community counts down to its summit in Zimbabwe, the dark clouds of being hosted by a government whose claim to power emanated from a sham election which comprehensively failed the credibility test must be haunting you in particular and the regional body at large.

Unlike the recently held elections in South Africa, whereby the ruling African National Congress clearly failed to garner the threshold majority vote for it to form a government, it did not engage in electoral chicanery as did your party and government.

Your Excellency, it was distinctly eloquent oppression as some leaders of the Mthwakazi Republic Party recently walked from prison after being incarcerated for basically holding perspectives that are different from those of your government.

Lest we forget, prior to their arrest and subsequent conviction, you had warned the secessionist party leaders that they were applying for their lives to be cut short.

Verily, it was an abdication of the moral authority inherent in the Presidency of ensuring that freedom of speech be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, as the senior national soccer team, the Warriors, are having to play their home matches in foreign stadiums, as I see it, the words of critical thinker, William Faulkner, “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greed,” jolt me to cry for my beloved country.

Verily, your governance by subjugation is true to the adage, a man whose only tool is a hammer regards every challenge as a nail.

Your Excellency, probity warrants you to heed the presage, speak not the injurious, by statesman George Washington. Verily, Zimbabwe is a daunting nightmare for citizenry.

  • Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana is a public-speaking coach, motivational speaker, speechwriter and newspaper columnist.

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