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Numerous Important welfare Issues are being ignored by the Zimbabwean government.

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Zimbabwe's economic history has been tumultuous, with periods of growth and prosperity followed by severe economic downturns.

Zimbabwe's economic history has been tumultuous, with periods of growth and prosperity followed by severe economic downturns. From its independence in 1980, Zimbabwe experienced rapid economic growth fuelled by agriculture and mining industries. However, political instability, corruption and mismanagement by the government led to hyperinflation, causing the economy to collapse.

Zimbabwe's economy keeps on facing numerous challenges, including hyperinflation, unemployment and corruption. These factors have hindered Zimbabwe’s economic progress, however the root cause of these are the selfish and corrupt leaders.

President Emmerson Mnangangwa and his Zanu PF government, keeps on ignoring major serious welfare issues of the Zimbabwean citizens. Yet we see the President gifting his Zanu Pf members with expensive flashy cars through a bogus and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo and yet there is a shortage of ambulances in the medical services of Zimbabwe. Gifting expensive cars in a country with poor roads is a sign of ignorance and daftness.

Hyperinflation continues to plague Zimbabwe's economy day by day, making it difficult for businesses to operate and for citizens to afford basic necessities. Additionally, corruption and mismanagement have further hindered economic growth, perpetuating a repeated cycle of poverty and high rate of unemployment especially in youth.

The high rate of unemployment in Zimbabwe, has caused a majority of youth to engage in all types of drug abuse like crystal meth e.t.c . The lack of job opportunities and inadequate social services have only added to the country’s economic woes. Rising poverty levels and a decline in living standards, have led to social unrest as the Zimbabwean citizens have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress in addressing these issues.

It is vital that the government should at least try to invest in education and skills training especially for youth will also be crucial in ensuring that Zimbabwe's workforce is equipped to meet the demands of a growing economy. The government should also invest more in health infrastructures and road developments.

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