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Marriage is a relationship between a husband and a wife who are also spiritual beings because they are in the image of God who is a spirit

How we met

I was a receptionist then, he came through to see his sister whom I worked with. He was wearing a very brave colour for a suite. I noticed that nothing else really, I was totally single but not looking at all.

how i met my life partner

The first time i saw her (Winnie),we were sitting at the gate for our bus to Botswana. I remember glancing over at her and thinking,Oh,wow , she’ cute. But could not even walk up to her and say hie. When i got to my seat, i saw that the seat beside me was empty and […]


How I met G Maruziva

It was perfect, I remember your lips were a bit dry when they first touched mine because I got you by surprise. I remember the warmth that they put on mine within the first touch. It kept me going for all the times the chips were down . I remember you standing over me covered […]


How my love story began

It was my first day of attachment as a junior graphic designer at Bindura University Printing Press on 12 September 2013.


How I Met my husband

In November 1965 I was asked by my friend to go on a blind date to go to the movies with her and her partner and his friend.

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