Ximex dealer on the run after killing ex-lover

In happier times, Tafadzwa Murengwa and Samantha Dzapata

POLICE are appealing for information on Tafadzwa Murengwa, popularly known as Boss Pangolin, who allegedly shot and killed his ex-lover, Samantha Dzapata in Samantha Dzapata i, Harare, yesterday.

Murengwa is said to have shot Samantha in the morning after an undisclosed dispute.

“Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Murengwa of Glen Lorne, Harare, in connection with callous shooting and murder of his ex-lover Dzapata (28) of Waterfalls along Simon Mazorodze,” police in a statement.

Eris Kaunda, who shared a house with Dzapata in Derbyshire, Waterfalls told NewsDay Weekender: “I heard three gunshots when I was home and later heard people saying that a person had been shot.

“When I arrived, Samantha was bleeding and I prayed for her. I then rushed to Mashambanzou Care Trust to seek help, but that was too late. Samantha was gone.”

After the shooting, Murengwa sent an audio via WhatsApp apologising to the Dzapata family, saying he was frustrated after spending US$3 000 in three weeks trying to win her back.

“I know I did wrong, please forgive me. I know it is hard. When I splashed money in town (on Thursday) I was just frustrated. That relieved me for a few seconds,” Murengwa said.

Videos of Murengwa randomly throwing United States dollar notes around the former Ximex Mall area in the CBD on Thursday went viral.

“We got engaged, and we were supposed to see her aunt four weeks ago. As we were seated one night she said, ‘I no longer love you because of ABCD’. Between Monday and Thursday, I gave her my car…. I bought her an iWatch, perfume and everything expensive stuff for her to realise that I am sorry.”

Murengwa revealed that he planned to flee the country after the shooting.

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