‘Uniqueness defines a good artist’


THROUGH visuals, graphic designers artistically tell a lot of easily understood and memorable stories.

Local graphic designer Brendan Sibanda (25), who designs different artworks reckons that being innovative and unique defines a good artist.

The Bulawayo-based Sibanda started designing at high school and has experimented a lot which has enabled him to produce unique designs.

“I struggled during my first days in this industry, but gradually I learnt that consistency and uniqueness were the main ingredients which I needed to excel in,” he said.

“I remember when I did my first silhouette design, (a design made from a software that comes with any cameo vinyl cutter) I did not have an idea of what I was doing, but was impressed by the results and that pushed me to open my Silhouette studio.”

Passion made it easy for him to grasp the designing concepts.

“Being able to play around with so many softwares and mobile applications that have to do with designing was not much of a foreign animal and this made it easy for me when I ventured into professional designing,” he explained.

Sibanda believes there are good financial rewards in the designing industry if one gives their all.

“The world of designing requires determination and customer loyalty. I liken this profession to people who produce beats, they don’t just make rhythm, but they get in the zone first so that they feel the project. This is the same with designing, one has to be flexible and enjoy when doing a project,” he added.

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