Taruvinga tackles domestic violence through film


THAT violence in all its forms is poisonous and destructive is well captured in local filmmaker and motivational speaker Cliff Taruvinga’s latest film My Father is a Devil.

The film, which premieres today on Cliff Taruvinga Network YouTube channel, is centred on a domestic violence.

The film’s synopsis centres on a 14-year-old girl who witnessed the abuse and murder of her mother by her father.

She was angered to the extent that she sought revenge 12 months later after the father moved out to live with his girlfriend.

The young filmmaker told NewsDay Life & Style that the rise in domestic violence cases is the chief motivation behind the film.

“It is a fact that domestic violence is on the rise in Zimbabwe, hence the need to come up with solutions on how to deal with it and even its consequences,” he said.

“Through the film, the mission is to portray to society (how poisonous and destructive violence can be) and educate people on the dangers associated with domestic violence which has become rampant in today’s communities.

Through this film, my desire is to send a message to society that having moral values in families is important for the benefit of children’s mental well-being.”

Commenting on the state of the local film industry, Taruvinga said he believed the sector was making progress.

“If unity continues to prevail, then the film industry will grow and get recognition as one of Africa’s best film industries,” he said.

Taruvinga’s film cast consists of new and rising actors who are Kudzai Zindoga, Mutsawashe Muridzi, Moreblessing Tsodzo and Lopacious Sithole.

Apart from My Father is a Devil, Taruvinga has also featured in Tunga series as Tonde and directed another short film titled Jeremiah 29.

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