NRZ employees, ex-workers gang up against MD


NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers have come up in solidarity with axed employees who are demanding independent investigations into charges of corruption and abuse of office by general manager Respina Zinyanduko.

This came after Zinyanduko issued a gag order on Monday barring workers from leaking goings-on about the company to the media, saying this was soiling the company’s image.

“While it is true that the NRZ image and reputation is being tarnished, she is responsible for destroying the organisation’s image because of her failure to manage the entity. Her poor management is the sole reason for that,” the workers said in a statement.

“Enough is enough. We cannot continue suffering quietly under her poor management while our organisation is collapsing each passing day. We declare our solidarity and support for our fellow fired workers who have decided to tell the real NRZ story under her.”

Contacted for comment, Zinyanduko said: “There is no response that I can give you pertaining to that. Several allegations have been coming out and all the issues are under investigation. If I comment, it then means that I will be pre-empting the outcome.”

But the workers in the statement said: “Every worker is frustrated and can no longer listen to her. We are getting pathetic salaries with the minimum wage being $14 000 and everyone from grade A to E gets a flat fee of US$60 …”

Expelled NRZ workers recently petitioned President Emmerson Mngangagwa to institute investigations against Zinyanduko.

Following the petition, NRZ board chairman Martin Dinha announced that a subcommittee had been set up to investigate the allegations.

Meanwhile, former Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railways Workers Union president Kamurai Moyo said Zinyanduko’s Monday gag order was “a clear attempt to block justice”.

Another former NZR employee, Linda Masarira expressed concern over the continued presence of Zinyanduko as general manager despite being under investigation.

“Her continued presence at the NRZ premises will render the whole process of investigation useless. The NRZ board must suspend her to allow meaningful investigations to take place,” she said.

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