Model Amie on mission to change the world

Amanda Mutabeni 

HARARE-BASED Amanda Mutabeni  is a vibrant, young and energetic woman who seeks to build a better world by creatively using her brains to inspire others. She is a model without a crown yet and an author who recently launched her debut book titled Realities of Modern-Day Dating which talks a lot about relationships among youths.

In the modelling industry, she is known as Amie and has been in this industry for about seven years. Her endeavour to build an informed nation has seen her starting a Question Segment show from the Relationship Hub WhatsApp group which she hosts every Friday.

She is also an accountant by profession. NewsDay Life & Style hooked up with Mutabeni for a chart on her creative journey.

Amanda Mutabeni is a 24-year- old lady, born and bred in Marlborough Harare. I am an author, model and accountant. I desire to inspire the world through my creative works.

Modelling voyage
Being a model has always been my passion. I fell in love with the profession when I was 17 years old. That is when I started pursuing that dream.

My most inspiration came from seeing women who have made it in the industry and are doing very well such as South African model and former Miss Universe (2019) Zozibini Tunzi.

My interest in fashion also drove me to take this career. I remember watching fashion television shows and the eloquence, elegance and the catwalk shown by the models inspired me. So since then, I have been chasing my dreams of becoming a public figure through modelling.

Modelling’s perception

Well, the modelling industry is extremely competitive. Each and every male or female in the industry is fighting to get noticed and through this, some are pushed to go to the extremes to get that recognition.

The modelling industry is also quite a bumpy ride sometimes as models are prone to scammers and this is risky. This industry also requires hard work and determination.

Role model

My role model is Zozibini Tunzi, a South African model and first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe in 2019. She inspires me a lot.

Handling modelling delusion

It is always difficult being in an industry like modelling in which society has a different perception and misunderstanding on who models really are.

What keeps me going is not allowing someone to block me in my path because modelling is my passion, dream and profession. So, I told myself that I know what I am aiming for and no one is going to stop me until I achieve what I desire.

The Question Segment, a show that I co-host with Tinaani Nick on WhatsApp, discussing relationships triggered me to become an author.

So, seeing how this Question Segment show was helping a lot of people, I then decided to pen a book, Realities of Modern-Day Dating. The book combines questions and answers on relationship matters while reaching a broader audience.

l felt that the book is a treasure that can help a lot of people in their relationships. It is a guide for the current and the next generations.

Balancing creative work and social life
Yoh, it is not easy to balance all these, but l have managed to divide my time very well.

I give myself time to do one thing at a moment so that I do not put myself under unneccessary pressure.

One minute I am Amanda a daughter, granddaughter, employee and the next minute I am Amie the model who has photoshoots and social media pages to attend to and also, an author who needs to write something to motivate people.

So yeah, it is quite a lot of work, but as they say “hard work pays” and I will keep working hard.

Away from fame
l am just Amanda Mutabeni. My routine on a normal day, I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, check on my grandma, do my chores and take a bath.

Managing stress
When I am stressed, l take a step back from everything, just lay low until I feel better. I also talk to someone, exercise or sleep.

My favourite sport is tennis and although l am not good at it, I do love this sport so much.

I love French fries and for tradition, l prefer sadza and beef mixed with veggies.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
I try my best to eat healthy food, stay active, go for walks, drink lots of fluids and get enough sleep.

Message to aspiring models and authors
Challenges are inevitable, but remember good writers were terrible at first, so keep focused. To models, confidence is the best medicine in this industry. Stay focused and remember that happiness begins with you being true to your own self.

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