Mlilo commits to creating African heritage library

BULAWAYO poet, Martin Mlilo

BULAWAYO poet, Martin Mlilo has decided to collect old novels to create a library of African knowledge and heritage for future generations.

Mlilo who has also penned Isichazamazwi (dictionary) said his decision was stirred by the scarcity of books written by old authors that have the rich knowledge, language, culture and customs of Africans.

“I am creating a library for Ndebele novels and I have managed to gather 109 novels which includes Gundlindlu Mntanami, Loba Sengifileand Impilo Yinkinga just to mention a few,” he said, further indicating that it makes him happy and satisfied to see people promoting reading culture through borrowing books for reading.

“I know in the near future the books of old authors will be out of stock. In bookshops, novels like Sasisemeveni and Ubudoda Abakhulelwaare no longer found, therefore, this encourages
me to gather as many books as possible.”

Mlilo said as he waited to set-up a proper library, he was buying the books and keeping them in his house.

“I am yet to set up the library, but those who want to borrow are not hindered by that. I know it might take years to have as many books as I wish, but I am determined to grind on and see my dream coming into fruition.

“I have other authors like Mthokozisi Ncube and Onesimo Ngcotsha Mpofu, who are backing me and I am being frequently invited for events. I also help school children in their homework on traditional related matters,” he said.

Mlilo is also working on a DVD compilation that will include an African home setting.

“The setup of a typical African home and the activities that are undertaken in a traditional home will give detailed information on different items that were used by people in their daily activities,” he added.

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