Gender equality in media report launched

File pic: Journalists holding cameras

GENDER Media Connect in Partnership with FOJO – Media Institute have launched a report on Gender equality and media regulation.

The study was supported by Fojo Media Institute in collaboration with Gothenburg University’s Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) and other partners.

The research focused on media in gender equality laws and others as well as gender policies in media houses.

Gender and Media Connect National Director, Abigail Gamanya said: “Zimbabwe’s Constitution provides for the rights to freedom of expression, media freedom, and access to information thereby presenting opportunities for the creation of a conducive operating environment.”

According to the study, the implementation of principles around gender equality and women empowerment is low.

This, the report said, resulted in media policies, structures, and content decidedly remaining static or regressing at the expense of women as media workers as consumers of media products and citizens.