Funding SOS for albinism awareness film


BUDDING film script writer Ngonidzashe Hamandishe has scribed a film to raise awareness on albinism and is appealing for financial assistance to fund its shoot.

Hamandishe has noted with concern that several people have failed to recover from the depressing effects of COVID-19 and among them are people living with albinism, a condition characterised by a pinkish skin caused by a lack of melamin.

And through the proposed film, whose pitch deck has several stakeholders, Hamandishe seeks to help remedy social ills such as stigma and discrimination, genital mutilations, ritual murders and abuses associated with people with albanism.

Hamandishe, a Chitungwiza Arts Centre affiliate, is also seeking to pick himself up after dropping out of film school due to economic hardships and other reasons which he could not reveal.

“There are a lot of gaps in the treatment of people with albinism. Lack of access to health facilities, stigma and discrimination were high during the COVID-19 lockdowns. This has up until now not been fully resolved and I hope the film will fully unpack challenges faced by people with albinism,” he explained.

“People with albinism have major expenses on purchasing sunscreens, hats, winter wear and spectacles in addition to access to medical facilities. Several people are yet to recover from the effects of COVID-19 and people with albinism are key populations that need immediate attention.”

He also hailed the recent launch of the film strategy saying it would help unravel potential and opportunities for the youths.

“Film school graduates have the highest unemployment rate and l wish to utilise any knowledge that I acquired before it is manipulated by smartphone chancers. Experimenting and enterprising with ideas while in school is the perfect way to go. Unfortunately, I dropped out,” he said.

Ngoni works with a close friend film actor Denzel Masawi who featured in the film Royal Love Affairs as Chiri. Ngoni and Denzel all agreed that film is ranked as the second unemployable qualification because one has to find their own way out.

“We are affiliated to the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe and we wish to realise our dream in the film-making industry,” he added.

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