Boxing body applauds Charles Manyuchi Academy


ZIMBABWE National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board chief executive Lawrence Zimbudzana has applauded boxing star Charles Manyuchi for his efforts to uplift the standards of the sport in the country despite the difficult economic environment.

In addition to his own success in the boxing ring, Manyuchi has been spearheading the growth of the sport through his academy which was launched in 2017 and has nurtured and developed talented boxers.  Zimbudzana said his association would adopt Manyuchi’s concept to grow the sport across the country.

“Charles Manyuchi Academy has produced quite a number of national champions and some of them even international,” Zimbudzana said during the launch of the Inauguration of Kings Match Tournament which is being organised by the Charles Manyuchi Academy.

“So, we want to use the academy concept to roll out similar programmes throughout the country. But we want to identify key players such as the Charles Manyuchi Academy so that we can model this particular concept around what they are already doing. We just want some support mechanisms to put in the structures so that the system is really self-sufficient and sustainable so that people don’t continue to invest their resources but the project should be able to sustain itself.

“We want to try and make sure that before the end of this year, we should be able to announce drastic steps and measures that we would have taken in terms of ensuring that we support these particular structures. We believe that for us to produce podium athletes and champions, there is a need for us to invest in capacitating the coaches that take care of these athletes.”

A number of corporates including Mr T35, Regency Hotel Flamboyant, Majestics Enterprises and Phil-Jen Country Lodge have pledged financial support, among other sponsors for the event. The tournament will take place in Chivhu on August 6 with a number of local and foreign boxers expected to grace the event.

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