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Letters: Zanu PF to blame for anything wrong in Zim

Decades of rigging elections to stay in power so that the bigwigs and their families can create cartels and loot the much-needed foreign currency has caused untold misery on Zimbabweans.

ZANU PF is to blame for the comatose state of our health, education, economic system, in fact, everything and no one else.

The party has presided over the rot bedevilling the country for decades.

Four decades of selfishness, greed and economic mismanagement through poor prioritisation has caused Zimbabwe to face the coronavirus with trepidation and fear.

Decades of rigging elections to stay in power so that the bigwigs and their families can create cartels and loot the much-needed foreign currency has caused untold misery on Zimbabweans.

The November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy was about the continued stay in power of Zanu PF bigwigs so they could carry on with their looting spree.

Our country is in this current dire state because of more than 40 years of Zanu PF’s poor policies and corruption.

Zimbabwe will always be a broken nation whose poverty and misery will continue unless Zanu PF bigwigs are held accountable. Under the Zimbabwean Constitution of 2013, no one is above the law.

It is imperative that the opposition and civic society organisations hold Zanu PF to account for its misdeeds.

That the 2018 elections were rigged is confirmed. Just read former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo’s book ExcelGate.

Then MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa won the 2018 presidential election.

He beat President Emmerson Mnangagwa and when this happened, proponents of Operation Restore Legacy were in danger. How could Zanu PF bigwigs continue with their scams, looting and corruption if Chamisa was president?

The command agriculture programme has been used as a conduit to siphon funds from the government, and the culprits are known, but nothing happened to them.

Currently, Local Government minister July Moyo is failing to untangle himself from the Pomonagate and the government is quiet about it.

Local football has been frozen because of some misguided elements at the Sports and Recreation Commission.

People who have Zimbabwe at heart must continue to hold Zanu PF to account.

When corruption comes to a stop, then perhaps the hospitals and schools will get the funding and development which is so desperately needed in Zimbabwe. The water and power problems that many citizens face are due to mismanagement and poor governance.

Zanu PF spends too much time thinking about stealing, looting  and how to stay in power, and not about Zimbabweans and their welfare. –Muzokomba villager

Let’s all rise above petty politics

OUR failure to rise above the mediocrity of party jackets is the major reason why Zimbabwe is in shambles today.

As Zimbabweans, we have got accustomed to the tendency of looking at everything through political lenses.

We have allowed meaningless politics to divide us and, unfortunately, we simply cannot break free from the chains.

It is all about Zanu PF or Citizens Coalition for Change. If it not about President Emmerson Mnangagwa, it is about Nelson Chamisa

This is the sad reality of our time.

And yet, we just cannot realise how unity can solve most problems bedevilling our nation in no time.

There is, thus, urgent need to bury our political differences for the sake of national progress.

If we rise above petty political differences, we will build a prosperous nation and enjoy better lives in the not-too-distant future. –Mukunda Chitova

Education system needs facelift

THE COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged all sectors.

To curb the spread of the coronavirus, lockdowns were instituted, grounding everything to a halt.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect worldwide, its impact on the education sector in Zimbabwe is devastating.

Coronavirus disruptions remind us of the need to turn our schools into technological hubs so that in future, they are better able to withstand the effects of such natural disasters, without severely affecting learners.

However, transforming the education system in Zimbabwe remains a pipedream because technology in schools is relatively low and most institutions are still hostile to the use of digital technologies.

This manifests itself in random raids and confiscations by teachers of smartphones and laptops from students who dare to bring these digital gadgets into school premises.

Although it is possible to justify such behaviour, limited use of digital technologies and smart gadgets has prevented schools from tapping into benefits and conveniences made possible by the use of such technologies in the education delivery system.

The examination delivery system administered by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council also occasionally comes in to the spotlight over question paper leaks and answer scripts that go missing enroute to the markers’ desk.

This causes a lot of anxiety for students who, in the interests of preserving the integrity of the examinations, are sometimes forced to retake these examinations.

The examination registration process itself should be scrutinised as the process requires the physical presence of the student/parent to facilitate the registration process, a scenario which is inconsistent with social distancing and lockdown orders.

All this points to the need to embrace digital technologies to transform and upgrade our education delivery system to reasonable standards consistent with competent modern-day education delivery systems globally.

Technology should no longer be viewed as a good option to consider, but should rightly be seen as a key enabler in positioning our schools as competent educational institutions providing world-class education standards. –Ngwenya

IN response to Plot to oust ED thickens, NGONI CHRISPEN CHISI says: This will not happen in our lifetime. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a visionary, a tried and tested leader. The country is progressing in the right direction in most of the economic and developmental aspects. The infrastructural development is superb, the progress is involving all corners of the country, even the most remote areas are not being left behind. The man has spent almost his entire life in the struggle for genuine emancipation of the people from colonial occupation and oppression. His impressive record is there to see, compared to some aspirants who are sacrificing the people and the economy to get into power via people’s induced misery and suffering. The majority of the people identify themselves with their tried and tested leader. Long live comrade President.

MUFUDZI WAMAMBO says: The ruling party has a right to change its leadership as an internal process, but Zimbabweans are fed up with Zanu PF.

ISAAC PHIRI says: President Emmerson Mnangagwa must resign. He and his entire Cabinet have failed Zimbabwe. His is an illegitimate government and must resign. This call needs the support of the entire nation.

TONDERAI CHAIPA says: There must be a plot to oust Zanu PF not just President Emmerson Mnangagwa only. Zanu PF is a system. Getting rid of an individual will not change anything. We removed the late former President Robert Mugabe, but nothing has changed. In fact, the situation has worsened. The whole bunch must just go.

IN response to Govt commits to built 35 schools this year, LUNGISANI MDLONGWA says: It is no longer about building new schools, but improving the quality of education, provision of materials and paying the teachers living wages.

MAI RURU says: This is cheap politicking. How is this possible when the same government is neglecting existing schools?

BLESSED NCUBE says: The government should take the money it wants to use to built new schools and pay teachers. As parents, we are suffering paying fees, while also paying for private lessons.

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