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When Should You Lay the First Set Winner


Tennis is one of the most popular sports, and finding a bookie that provides lines for various tennis events is a walk in the park. The racket sport is dynamic, and that is what makes it suitable for trading bets. Sports trading is quite similar to stock trading. But instead of buying and selling shares of a company, you are buying and selling bets on a sporting event. Before we continue, we would like to explain that not every sportsbook offers a betting exchange. If you want to trade tennis, you have to find a reliable betting exchange.

Sports traders try to find odds higher than the probability of the event happening. The most widespread type of tennis trading is in-play tennis trading. Tennis traders can Back or Lay a bet. In Back betting, you wager on some event to happen. The Lay bet is the opposite of the Back bet – you wager on that event not to happen. Every point scored in a tennis match affects the market.

As a tennis trader, the expected price movement during the match is what matters to you. Therefore, it is essential to know the events that move the prices in the market. These include scoring a game point, winning a set, or a game.
Laying the First Set Winner Strategy Explained.

The benefits of tennis first set winner betting are widely recognized by many punters across the globe. If you lay the first set winner, you wager on the lower-ranked or the favorite player to take the lead in the second set after winning the first set. This is an interesting tennis betting strategy that offers lucrative odds. Generally speaking, there are two approaches to this strategy – laying the underdog if they win the first set or laying the favorite if they win the first set.

Laying the Underdog

We have seen many significant tennis events in which the underdog wins the first set. And there are several reasons why a top-ranked player might lose the first set to a less-known opponent. Many tennis traders believe that seeded players warm up during the first set and have great chances of winning the second set. Furthermore, many lower-ranked players get too excited after winning the first set and lose focus. As a result, their performance is not that good during the second set, and the situation works to the benefit of top-ranked players. In addition, when the underdog wins the first set, their price drops by 50% or more compared to the starting price.

Usually, tennis traders lay the winner of the first set if it was the underdog. A crucial thing to understand is that the player who lost the first set does not need to win the second set for tennis traders to secure a profit if they lay the underdog.

Remember that if you lay the underdog after they win the first set and the favorite scores a break point, you should cash out. Otherwise, you might end up without any profit. In tennis, a break point is achieved when one player is one point away from winning, and the opponent is serving.

Laying the Favorite

If the top-ranked player wins the first set, their price will significantly reduce compared to their starting price. Assuming you lay the favorite, you only need the underdog to score the first break point in the second set to profit from the trade. If you think that the top-rated player’s performance is not that good, you can wait for the second set to finish. Assuming the underdog wins, you might make loads of money from your investment.

If the underdog is serving the ball, the chance for them to score a break point is high. Thus, your best option as a tennis trader is to lay the favorite. If the first set goes to a tie break you can again lay the favorite. To get a big swing in the odds, you do not need the underdog to win the tie break but to score 2 points more than the favorite. This will result in a big swing in the odds and place you in a profitable position.

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