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Utilise natural resources in sustainable manner


ON World Environment Day, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) calls upon the public to use the natural resources in a responsible manner and to protect and preserve the environment.

Commemorated annually on June 5, World Environment Day is aimed at celebrating the natural environment and this provides an opportunity for people to call for the implementation of policies to protect the planet from dangers such as global warming, biodiversity loss, pollution and deforestation.

The theme for this year is Only One Earth, emphasises the finite nature of the earth’s resources. The theme is a call on everyone to utilise natural resources in a sustainable manner. Everyone has a responsibility to sustainably exploit the environment by avoiding wastages. It is also important for everyone to maintain the earth and the environment by replenishing exploited resources through actions such as reforestation and afforestation. The fate of future generations depends on how well current generations manage the earth’s limited resources.

Therefore, everyone should aim to preserve the earth so that future generations may also benefit from the earth’s resources.

On World Environment Day, people should act collectively to preserve the earth and its finite resources.

World Environment Day has become increasingly important in light of the sustained increase in global temperatures. Global warming will have disastrous consequences for the earth and its inhabitants, if it is not addressed urgently. World Environment Day has also become increasingly important due to the widespread biodiversity loss and pollution which stems from human activities.

In Zimbabwe, the government has a constitutional obligation to protect and preserve the environment and uphold everyone’s environmental rights. According to section 73(2) of the Constitution, the State must take reasonable legislative and other measures to progressively realise everyone’s right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being.

Local authorities are also obliged to comply with their legal obligations of maintaining the environment by ensuring that it is clean at all times.

Several local authorities have been sued by residents over their failure to maintain a clean environment and for failing to collect and discard refuse and for failing to repair sewerage systems. The local authorities’ non-compliance with their legal obligations poses a risk to the well-being and health of residents and the state of the environment. ZLHR

Rest in peace ‘patriot’ Magaisa

THE entire Election Resource Centre (ERC) family shares the loss and grief over the passing on of academic, political and current affairs commentator, veteran human rights leader and constitutional law expert, Alex Magaisa.

The ERC expresses its deepest sympathy to the Magaisa family in this difficult time of grief.

Magaisa was ERC legal adviser, friend and a reliable contributor to election-related debates.

His work towards democracy, electoral justice and Zimbabwean governance issues lives on and his contributions to the Zimbabwean discourse will always be cherished.

May the Almighty grant solace and peace to the Magaisa family, friends and colleagues to Magaisa and may the Lord give patience to the members of the bereaved family to bear the loss.

May your dear soul rest in peace #Musaigwa.ERC

ED must rein in July Moyo

ZIMBABWE is on auto cruise, no doubt.

One would suspect that the business community has colluded to increase prices of essential commodities with what appears to be reckless abandon.

This is particularly so with reference to basic commodities among them bread, fuel, cooking oil, mealie-meal — literally  everything.

The prices of basic commodities have literally gone beyond the reach of many.

Even products that are produced locally have become more expensive as compared to imports. One wonders the logic.

Some social analysts are saying issues of legitimacy also appear to be the driving force behind the current economic downturn. People are bound to say anything.

But what is important is that Zimbabweans now need to buckle their seats for a new take-off. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government needs to make correct choices.

The first step would be to put in place policies that are attractive to investment.

Mnangagwa must unshackle himself from chains that restrict his manoeuvre on the basis of political patronage.

The President must hit the iron while it is hot by showing all and sundry that he means business and is of a different mould to the late former President Robert Mugabe. He must simply be Zimbabwe’s own version of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Mnangagwa must be ruthless on corruption, starting with those geriatrics who looted this country dry. He must also turn his sword against multiple land owners and land barons.

With the rot in local authorities, surely Zimbabwe is on autopilot. Mnangagwa is failing to rein in Local Government  minister July Moyo. Moyo has been implicated in scandals that rocked Harare and Victoria Falls councils.

If Mnangagwa does not intervene in the Pomonagate, he should not be shocked if he loses the 2023 elections.

The scandal, which Moyo has defended tooth and nail,  has shown that Zanu PF does not care about the people.

The Pomona dumpsite deal stinks.

Residents have called out Moyo, but it seems the minister is sticking to his guns.

One wonders where the listening President has gone? Muzokomba villager

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