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Tariro NeGitare, Vuyo Brown combine voices


THE Areka collaboration between songbirds Nokufeza Vuyolethu “Vuyo Brown” Ngwenya and Tariro NeGitare has shown that local artistes continue to mature.

Through the song released on Tuesday, the artistes send the message that peace, joy and love, among other things, are only possible through Jesus Christ.

Vuyo Brown told NewsDay Life & Style that Areka was first released in 2018 as part of her Grace Filled album, but there was a space for the song to be reinvented and she appreciates that Tariro NeGitare became part of it.

“The idea of Tariro NeGitare coming on the song was humbling and exciting because she brought the authenticity to sound. I sometimes tap into it and I call it authentic Zimbabwean sound,” she said.

Areka basically lays out a new believer’s ark walk. Areka means ark and in this instance, it refers to the Ark of Noah, which is being used to represent salvation,” she said adding that it is being taken from an old man to a new place.

Areka calls upon everyone to abandon their burdens and follow Jesus the bearer of good things. The song says one’s life changes if they find God.”

Tariro NeGitare said it was the right time to reinvent the song and this was made possible because the two musicians were in sync with what they believe in.

Areka is a beautiful track and very timely to reinvent it, especially with artistes who are like-minded and pursuing the same goal,” she said.

The instruments on the song resonate well, giving out a powerful indigenous touch that blends well with the artistes’ beautiful voices.

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