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Sculptor reflects on African culture, tradition


SCULPTOR Stanley Mutanga says his latest piece of work titled Tribute was inspired by a burning desire to showcase certain instruments and aspects associated with Zimbabwean culture and traditions.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Mutanga said as an African artist, he strongly desired to piece together African artefacts onto a single work of art to show off African tools often used during cultural and traditional festivals.

“My recently finished sculpture is a tribute to our African culture. The map on the sculptor is representing where we come from as a nation, which is Zimbabwe. The clay pot is there to show that as black people, every time we host traditional ceremonies, we always brew beer to drink, while we celebrate.

“The thumb piano (mbira), drums (ngoma) and a pair of gourds (hosho) are used together to achieve the required African tempo and rhythm.”

Mutanga, who has been in the crafting industry for 22 years, added that he felt proud to be able to use his talent to craft a piece that sends a message to the world.

He said he wishes to become a reflection to the next generation through his work.

“My wish is to pass what I’m doing to the next generation because the history of sculpting dates way back, so we strive to keep the legacy going. I also desire to see the people of Zimbabwe supporting our work, not only sculptors, but everyone in general. The responsible authorities should also help us in organising exhibitions so that we market our products locally,” he said.

Mutanga operates in the backyard of his homestead in Tafara, Harare.

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