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Rumombe poem takes aim at GBV


POET and author Isheanesu Rumombe decided to tackle gender-based violence (GBV) in his latest piece of art, The Diary of my bitter mother.

Rumombe stated that the piece was a word of advice to people to stand up against GBV and build a better nation.

The piece opens up with phrases, bruised eyes, butchered mouth, strangled necks which describe how gender-based violence takes place in society especially against females because they are the main victims of domestic violence.

Punctuating such phrases with kuzolunga mfanami, zvichaita mwanangu (all will be well my child) the poet highlights how, in some cases, many women are made to accept and endure abuse.

Many women endure physical or emotional abuse hoping that someday it would all end.

In the second verse, the poet narrates how after being beaten, women comfort themselves through prayer.

The last part of the piece winds up with a word of encouragement, urging people to put an end to domestic violence for them to enjoy the luxury of love.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Rumombe said the idea of writing the piece came after noticing that patriarchy was still dominant in some families.

“In my society, I am aware of how females are being physically and emotionally abused by males due to societal beliefs that men have power over women and this inspired me to come up with such a piece,” he said.

Rumombe believes poetry can be used as an effective way of addressing GBV because it reaches a wider audience.

“Poetry as a literary genre has its own unique way of communicating to people. So in my own understanding, poetry is a suitable tool towards advocacy since many people actually got turned by the poem and they understood the message which was being driven. Poetry is helpful in tackling burning issues such as GBV,” he added.

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