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Novelist ventures into filming


SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean novelist and evangelist Patience Sakutukwa has widened her creativity in showbiz by venturing into film production.

In a recent interview with NewsDay Life & Style, she stated that her interest is mainly on the Christian film side and her debut project is a piece called Can it be me and you Jesus.

“The film is going to dwell on issues in the modern church and how we need to value time alone with God and not to be pushed by circumstances to have alone moments with God. So in the process we will have some church members fighting over positions, money and other possessions,” she said, adding that her experiences in the modern church also made her come up with this project.

Sakutukwa believes film is the best way to pass her message and she further observed that most of the current forms of entertainment were neglecting morals, hence she aims to rekindle morals among peole using Christian films.

“Most people do not enjoy Christian films giving the reason that these films are poor and too straightforward, but on my project I want to improve on that and my target is to draw all types of audiences. I also have a strong feeling that my intended message is going to be well received by everyone, even those who are not Christian believers,” she said.

The film is going to combine a cast from different races as well as countries in order to make people understand that serving God is not for a single race, but everyone is just one in the body of Christ.

Apart from exposing the events in today’s churches, her wish is to also show people that women are capable of developing ideas and putting them across in film.

Early this year, the evangelist launched a Christian book titled Matters of the heart in which she shared her relationship challenges until she then became a minister of God.

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