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Mutale’s Sobbing Souls poignant


PROLIFIC author Absolom Mutale was born in Nenyunka village in Gokwe district.

He attended Nenyunka primary and secondary schools before transferring to Siabuwa High School in Binga.

And life experiences over the years drove him to pen Sobbing Souls, a book which encourages rural folks to work hard and remain focused on their future goals. NewsDay Life& Style took time to chat with Mutale.

Carefully selecting his words Mutale said: “About the writing, I only got inspired by the obstacles and insurmountable calamities people around me were facing both at home and at school, so I decided to put those challenges into marks and writing.

Sobbing Souls as it sounds is a poetic book that paints harrowing and pathetic domestic issues, dire humanitarian situation due to economic meltdown, cultural distortions in Africa and many other corrosive issues wilting innocent and vulnerable people transpiring mainly in Zimbabwe. That painfully dented my soul and transcended my sixth sense into writing about that silent and disadvantaged part of our country, hence Sobbing Souls, my second book.”

Mutale, who was also inspired by Joshua Maponga, added that Sobbing Souls seeks to transform the mindset of the pessimistic people in the countryside across the African continent and bring a spacious platform for conversation on issues which need to be addressed.

“Tomorrow will never be like today, optimism is the right thing. I just want to thank journalists for coming into my literary state of life to sound the silent voices to the active clusters and ears of the supportive and caring people, together we are strong,” he

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