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Mukorekore sings for the fathers


AS the nation celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, local Afro-jazz musician Brian “Mukorekore” Nyahuma released a track titled Ndimi Baba in honour of all dads out there.

The four-minute track, recorded and produced by Walter Mubayi, seeks to appreciate all fathers.

“Growing up and listening to I love you Daddy by Ricardo and friends on radio stations made me wonder why is it that we have so many tracks to praise and sing for our mothers and yet we have very few for our fathers,” Mukorekore told NewsDay Life & Style.

“It got me wondering whether are fathers are not special. But I realised it was simply because they usually act behind the scenes, while mothers play the main actor role. Our fathers are the most unsung, unpraised and unnoticed, yet they are the most valuable asset in society.”

The track opens up with words of appreciation Hamuna kunyimira nezita renyu kuti ndive nedzinza (your selflessness allowed me to be part of your dynasty).

In the track, Mukorekore further goes on to appreciate fathers who, despite all the hardships they face, they continue to be pillars and a leaning shoulder for their families.

His words Ayewa ndimi baba mufudzi wakanaka (you are the good shepherd) also shows that he is paying tribute to all the fathers for being there to lead children on the right life paths.

Mukorekore believes his message in the song would be well received by families.

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