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‘Models’ mental health needs nurturing’


MODELS are among people who suffer from negativity and social scorn and as such their mental health needs monitoring, an industry personality has said.

Mister Zimbabwe International founder Ishmael Murangandi says male models are especially affected by mental health issues because of the stereotypes in society and cyberbullying.

“It all starts from the different bullying that okays on social media platforms; that tumult and pressure grow into a huge gorge of depression which ends in drug and substance abuse by many,” he said, adding that the models were pressured by verbal attacks and body shaming which led to bottled up anger.

The inbuilt anger sometimes leads to depression and most of the male models end up quitting the industry before reaching their full potential.

“This issue is not something which can be avoided or stopped, the world randomly judges and attacks, but we as artistes and the general entertainment industry we need to unite and teach one another to focus on our growth and success instead of paying attention to toxic comments and many other forms of abuse,” Murangandi said.

In order to deal with the effects of negative criticisms which lead to depression and a disturbance on mental health, Murangandi emphasised that it is important for male models to conduct workshops where they share ideas and come up with ways to deal with life problems.

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