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Makwarimba carves for stable currency


DOUGLAS Makwarimba, who stole the limelight through the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine statue, is in another pitch for a stable Zimbabwe dollar currency.

This comes as the purchasing power of the local currency continues to weaken against the United States dollar. Ironically economists, academics and politicians are in serious competition for recognition for their propositions on solutions to the currency issue.

Sometime back when one-dollar coins were in full circulation, one threw a joke and it went like this. A granny had been tipped by her lovely son to use the money he had given her soonest because the dollar would soon be falling. She answered: “I keep mine safely, it will not fall down.”

Falling on the ground and eventually losing the money could have been the immediate understanding because shock and lack of security grips everyone who loses money and the shock is even worse for someone who has not lost money but is holding onto money whose value is next to nothing.

And, indeed, as Makwarimba admits, his carving is a real brain teaser as he seeks to create an engaging dialogue among the generality of the people and national leadership.

“The US dollar is a strong currency and we all need it to build our own strength as individuals and as a nation. Once tried or used it creates value and strength and motivation to acquire more items for possession. Our industry highly depends on international tourists and local buyers who in turn become cross-border traders,” he said.

“Our local currency at times makes us feel being left behind because it may pose negotiation problems especially these days when the rate is going up whereas incomes are pegged in local currency.”

Art is art, let’s leave the US dollar bussiness and just look at the monument in silent admiration. It is simply a springstone chipped into Us and Ss on a rugged heart shape to make a symbol of the need and love for a stable currency.

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