Makaza’s embryo symbols explore hidden talent

Misheck Makaza

STONE sculptor Misheck Makaza asserts that his carvings of embryo symbols speak to hidden and unknown human talents.

Makaza told NewsDay Life & Style that talents should be nurtured and groomed at embryo stages or as a person grows.

“Art is the easiest way to unravel hidden talents and ideas which are essential for development of individuals and the nation at large. If talent is revealed at the embryo stage, then it means it has to be nurtured after birth,” Makaza said.

“Parents should actively nurture and groom their children if they show interest in art. Patience should lay the foundation for any creativity because art is about beauty, inspiration and lifting mindsets.”

Misheck Makaza

Makaza, who teaches stone carving to deaf children at a local private school, said there was a lot of hidden talent in the aurally-challenged that needs to be explored.

“I have not toured the world for exhibitions or won a prestigious award, but I have succeeded in refining my talent and I am now capable of teaching others.

“For a start, I have taught carving using soft stones, but as children grow they need to venture into semi-precious stones. Hard stones like lepidolite and verdite are easy to export and one can give it a smooth finish when given a chance,” he said.

Makaza appealed to manufacturers of tools to design stone carving tools that are user-friendly for young talent.

“The teaching of visual art in schools can become easier if there are appropriate tools of the trade,” he said, also noting that teaching art to children at an early age makes them develop confidence.

He also implored players in the tourism sector to support the creative industry by affording the artists opportunities to market their products across the globe.

In his creative abstract artefacts, Makaza who joined Chitungwiza Arts Centre in 2010, has a strong desire for smooth finishes on stones such as dolomite, lemon opal, cobalt, springstone, lepidolite, verdite, white opal, fruit serpentine and green serpentine.

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