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Land reform revelations shocking


IT comes as a real shock that we have people in this country who believe that they are so powerful that they can literally hold a gun to our heads with impunity and threaten to rain fire and brimstone upon us if we do not do as they please.

And it is also dumbfounding to hear that Zimbabwe’s entire farmland belongs to Zanu PF and its members according to Information and Publicity deputy minister Kindness Paradza who is also the Zanu PF Makonde Member of Parliament, Makonde district chairperson and the ruling party’s secretary for administration for Mashonaland West province.

Apparently infuriated by resettled farmers in parts of Mashonaland West who are not attending Zanu PF meetings, Paradza fumed thus: “Be warned that the offer letter you are holding and which gives you authority to be on that farm, can be revoked anytime and without recourse. From now on each farmer must take an active role in party affairs including encouraging their employees to do the same. A lot of farmers think it was because of their cleverness that they secured the farms they have. Those who think that way are misguided. You got that farm because the ruling Zanu PF party allocated it to you. Some of you are anti-establishment yet you benefited from the land reform. This country is under sanctions because of you who are on the land, lest we forget that.”

This is quite telling and really unfortunate if this is the mindset of all the people in the ruling party.

That we were all “misguided” to think that Zimbabwe’s land belonged to all of us, regardless of our divergent political persuasions and that our farm offer letters are mere confirmation that we agreed to be held to ransom by the ruling party if we do not support it, is a very, very sad revelation indeed.

In fact, this whole issue smacks of Zimbabwe’s scandal of all time that the country’s land reform programme was a mere Zanu PF project disguised as a national project. These revelations make the whole programme the grandest swindle from our national coffers by a single institution, Zanu PF, because nowhere in our Constitution is it mentioned that the country’s budget must fund the ruling party’s projects.

Billions of dollars were pumped into the land reform programme and billions more are to be paid out by Treasury to compensate white former commercial farmers who were dispossessed of their properties under the land reform progamme. And to then imagine that all these billions are funding a Zanu PF project is gut-wrenching.

If this is the reality facing us, then  we should as well forget that we will ever live peacefully in this country as long as we do not subscribe to the Zanu PF political religion. We shudder to imagine how many thousands of resettled farmers out there are going to be deprived of their land simply because they do not support the ruling party.

Instead of building bridges, it appears Zanu PF is wont on building barriers. If this is one of the ruling party’s campaign strategies to win the 2023 general elections, we are afraid it is misguided and will only serve to drive away potential voters.

As the sages say: “You can lead a donkey to the river, but you can’t make it drink.”

Forcing people to kneel down at the Zanu PF altar does not mean that they will be believers of its doctrine.

It is quite sad that Zanu PF has sunk so low as to recklessly abuse its status as the ruling party.

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