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Kumar’s social life outside his many artistic jackets


DHYAAN Kumar Savania, known as Don in showbiz, is a multi-talented artist who has won titles in the modelling sector and has starred in a number of films which include The Lamb, State of Malambia and Rapid Contact. The Indian star was born on July 23, 1991 at Avenues Clinic in Harare.

Kumar grew up in Rusape where he did his primary at Highveld and later moved to Peterhouse Boys High in Marondera for secondary education. Thereafter, he enrolled at Mutare Hillcrest College where he studied information technology and attained an advanced diploma in computer sciences.

His zeal for the entertainment sector pushed him to venture into modelling, acting and singing and he boasts of being a jack of all

He started his modelling career in 2014 and became a professional in 2016 with Model Management International. He then left for India, (Freddy’s Acting School in Mumbai) and qualified as an actor.

The journey seems to have been going well for the multi-talented artist as shown by his notable achievements.

Although he is well known in the arts sector, Kumar has his social life which he excitedly shared with NewsDay Weekender Life & Style.

“I am a very simple, humble and hardworking person. I am straight forward and to the point.

“I do not like people who lie and cheat. I speak four languages which are Hindi, Gujarati, Shona and English. I am very supportive and I love to motivate and inspire people. I am very serious about my career and I believe in the three Ds (discipline, determination and dedication)

Life outside profession
“I live a very simple life outside work. I like spending my time with friends, going out to parties, socialising and meeting new people.

“I believe that most of your contacts are made when you go out and socialise, so sticking to yourself and being confined from going out just because you are a celebrity does not make sense honestly.

“You need to distress your mind and relax and unwind sometimes.

Marital status
“I am not yet married and have been single for five years now. I do plan on marrying, but have not found the girl yet.

“If I do, I will not rush it as I believe it is important to understand one another before you decide on marrying.

“As for now, I am more career-focused.

Personal Schedule
“I wake up at 6am every day and I have a full-time job. I start work at 7am and I finish at 4:30pm. From work, I go to the gym, I train Monday to Friday, from 5:30pm to 6:45pm.

Balance between family and work
“I live with my parents, so I spend time with them everyday in the evening and we talk and discuss about our day and other social issues. I visit my sisters who are both married during weekends when I am free.

“I love rugby and cricket and played provincial cricket when I was younger and also played at Cottco Rugby a few times too.”

“I love ribs and seafood, they are my favourite. I also enjoy our Indian food which we often make at home.

Celebrations of Indian festivities
“I usually go to our temple, that’s where I get to spend and celebrate the Indian festivals.

How you take care of mental health
“I try not to fill my mind up with too many thoughts, so I take things one step at a time and deal with a situation accordingly.

“I have a dream that someday I will be bigger and my wish is to give back to the industry.

“I want to open up an arts school where I can teach music, acting, dance and modelling.

“I desire to nurture and mentor artistes especially in our beloved country, Zimbabwe, and I feel that we have so many talented people here and they just need the correct guidance and learning, for them to excel.

“I also wish to donate and to give to orphans, disabled and cancer associations, when I become big in future.

“Won Mr Zimbabwe 1st runner-up (2016-2017), Most Promising Male Model (2016), Most Talented Male Model (2018), Best Actor Male (2020), First Prince of Zimbabwe (2022), Brand Ambassador for Jan Jam, Adore and Ivhu Tribe.”

Lessons learnt
“One of the most important lessons I have learnt is to always be humble and helpful. I have met so many wonderful and talented souls through this and I am ready to teach other people.

“Locally, Anita Jaxson and internationally, Arijit Singh.

Message to fans
“I am working on some big projects this year and the years to come, so watch the space.”

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