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Is anyone safe in Zim?


ON May 24, 2022 a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali, was abducted and shoved into a vehicle by a man identified as Pius Jamba.

At the time of her disappearance the police said: “Police investigations have also established that Pius Jamba is not a member of any political party as alleged by some social media activists and politicians. Police inquiries have also shown that Pius Jamba was accusing Moreblessing Ali of dumping him after he had spent a lot of money on her during their love affair. The police are working flat out to locate Moreblessing Ali and Pius Jamba.”

Eleven days after she went missing, Ali’s decapitated body was recovered from a well at Jamba’s home in Manyame.

The stomach churns violently when one hears that Ali was not merely killed, she was reportedly chopped into pieces and her intestines packed into a plastic bag. Her body was then thrown into a well.

Who would do such a gory and hideous act and still be walking our land and our police can only go as far as simply telling us that they are still looking for this devil?

What is very disturbing about this whole gruesome saga is the fact that when Ali disappeared, the case was treated just like any other case and outside a hunt by the CCC members, the police only said they were investigating the case. We never heard of a major hunt for her involving a huge contingent of police and army personnel because we would have thought they would have been concerned that a Zimbabwean had gone missing.

It comes as a real shock how we Zimbabweans have come to be so hard-hearted that when one of us disappears among us we just look aside unconcerned. Regardless of our political, religious or whatever affiliation, when one of us mysteriously vanishes from among us, should we not be moved to try and find them?

Despite our so stake differences, should the mere fact that we are all Zimbabweans not move us to feel for the welfare of fellow country folk?

Like it or not, Ali’s case has painted us all as an uncaring nation; a nation of heartless individuals who do not care about the welfare of fellow citizens. Evidence of our callous nature is abound in our past post-independence era when dozens of people have disappeared without trace and we have just continued on with our lives as if nothing has happened.

And when some of the people, just like Ali, turn up dead, we have also just continued quietly with our lives as if nothing happened, yet an evil walks our land and it seems it has haunted us all into silence.

There are so many grisly acts, told and untold, that are happening in our land that we hear and witness daily, but we have chosen not to see or hear anything. And those we believe should be helping us fight this scourge are now threatening us into silence if any among us demands action on some of these inhuman issues while evil journeys across the land.

We believe, it is high time we start caring about each other to such a point that if anyone among us disappears or is forcibly grabbed from among us we should react immediately to find them or stop their abduction.

The Ali horrific incident is a clear reminder that none of us is safe in this country as long as we do not care for and about each other. We should all now be proactive by keeping our eyes peeled (day and night) and forever be ready to defend each other from the evil that lurks among us.

Evil indeed roams this land, it is time we look after each other.

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