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Great music, great image is everything: Quadd21


BY Charles Myambo
AMERICAN R&B singer Quadd21 has drawn comparisons with legends such as Chris Brown, Usher and John Legend.

He is blessed with such a powerful voice that many in the music industry truly appreciate. Quadd21 has always credited his early success to singing in the church choir. He is such a music purist and a true student of the game.

US-based NewsDay (ND) Life & Style correspondent Charles Myambo caught up with Quadd21 (Q21) and below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: Where did you get the inspiration to become a musician and how did you get to where you are today?

Q21: Well I have always wanted to be an entertainer, I used to sing in the choir, and also sang at my first graduation which was in fifth grade. The reaction of the crowd just made me want to do music for the rest of my life. I just love that feeling. A seed was forever planted.

ND: Beyond being a fast-rising RnB sensation, who exactly is Quadd21?

Q21: Quadd21 is a chill, laid-back, goofy, active, down to earth loving guy, open hearted.

ND: Who were some of your role models growing up and how did they contribute to where you are today?

Q21: James Brown, the late Michael Jackson, the O’jays. Just the way these icons carried themselves around, being professional and raw. Like what you see is what you get. I just want to continue these guys’ legacy. Great music with a great image is everything.

ND: Is charity something that you feel strongly about and if so, how do you think we can inspire more people to do their part and help contribute to charity worldwide?

Q21: What role does music have in charity awareness? I feel like charity is 100% important. Artistes would be nothing without the fans. And if we need inspiration we run to the fans. Music can heal people, turn a frown to a smile. Music can change your life. So why not bless somebody that shows unconditional support to your craft.

Charity is important. I like to make your week not your day.

ND: Adversity can push people to the point of surrender. How have you handled any doubters or naysayers during your musical rise?

Q21: Easy. I will keep this short, sweet and simple, don’t let someone determine your future. You have to have some type of let down in your journey. Means you are not even trying. Keep going, there is greatness on the other side. Just keep going.

ND: What are your thoughts about Zimbabwean and African music in general?

Q21: I love it, I enjoy it, I actually want to work with a sole African artiste.

ND: What is your biggest source of motivation and what advice would you give to fellow artistes who may be struggling with motivation?

Q21: To piggyback up top. Don’t let a no today affect your tomorrow. Keep working on your craft and yourself. Continue to be a trend setter everyday. And remember humans were born to make mistakes. We have to remember we are not perfect.

Only one perfect man walked this earth. And it was Jesus. And he gave you the ability to work, bend, and break, and to heal. You can do all things through his name. Keep going, yours truly Quadd21.

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