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Fresh land invasions hit Whitecliff


A group of youths led by one Muchabayiwa have invaded commercial land belonging to Pfugari Properties besides a pending court order to evict the rest of Whitecliff residents who were illegally settled by government about two decades ago.

The private company holds the property known as Whitecliff Township of Whitecliff under deeds of transfer 5029/2001. The stand measures 11834sqm.

The matter has already been reported to the police under number 517495 at Marimba police station.

When NewsDay visited the site, the invaders have already pegged the whole area and a group of youths was putting a fence.

“We had already cleared the land to empower youths through SMEs. If they are interested they can approach us and formalise taking up the space. We already let a restaurant, garage and shops,” said a top executive of the company.

Residents of the whole area face eviction after the Zimbabwe government had promised to compensate the property developer but reneged on its promise.

Whitecliff residents with the help of government grabbed the land from Eddies Pfugari and should have been evicted long back after government failed to compensate the company as per agreement.

Pfugari obtained an eviction order at the High Court a few years ago, but the government, through the local government ministry, prevented its implementation after committing to paying for the land.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga promised Whitecliff Residents that no one was going to be evicted while campaigning in 2018.

“We are in talks with the private land owner and no one is going to be evicted,” Chiwenga said amid applause at a rally in 2018.

After government reneged on the payment, the company was left with no option but seek the services of the sheriff of the High Court to implement the eviction.

However, talks have stalled and Pfugari Properties have activated the writ of execution.

Councillor Luckson Maronga pleaded with the government to compensate the land developer.

“As local leadership, we cannot blame Pfugari because it’s their land. There is no land for free in Zimbabwe.

“Government is the one that settled people here and should compensate Pfugari,” he said.

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