Biti continues with referral ConCourt application

Tendai Biti

By staff reporter
CCC vice president Tendai Biti who is accused of verbally assaulting a Zimbabwean investor continued filing his application for referral to the Constitutional Court for the third day.

Biti is also expected to continue his application this week.

Yesterday he was blaming the Herald newspaper for writing his stories saying there were better stories to write than about him.

He said they write even his postponements which is not important than other cases in court

But the prosecutor Michael Reza kept objecting him saying the complaints were irrelevant to the proceedings before the court.

Biti had blamed several Zanu PF officials saying they influenced his arrest.

But Reza said the case was not political as he is facing a criminal charge of verbally assaulting the complainant Tatiana Aleshina.

The matter has been on remand for close to two years without any progress as several court applications by the accused were blamed to be the main reason for delaying the trial.

The lower court heard four applications for recusal of the magistrate and the prosecutor but we’re dismissed.

The High Court also heard two review application which were all dismissed and the trial was ordered to proceed.

However before the trial could start Biti filed another application for referral to the ConCourt which is pending as he had not finished giving evidence.

Biti was accused of assault at the Harare magistrate court where he had gone representing his client who was the accused against the Aleshina.

The matter is expected to continue this Thursday.