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Appeal: Help fund surgery for Precious Mawerera Bhebhe


Hello everyone. My name is Pretty Mawerera. My sister, a mother of 2 lovely girls, was diagnosed with an olfactory meningioma a few years ago. We managed to raise some funds as a family and she’s been to many doctors both here in Zimbabwe and in South Africa.

After many trips to doctors and hospitals we have exhausted all the funds we had raised and nothing has been done to date. We finally got in touch with a hospital in India and were informed that she would need debulking surgery.

The meningioma has now grown so big it has affected her sight. She has already lost her job as a teacher due to the illness. Please she is desperate to have the treatment done so she can look after her children.

The total cost of the surgery and stay in India has been quoted at US$10000.

Anyone wishing to support us raise the funds necessary we kindly ask you to donate to this go fund me. Any donations big or small will be greatly appreciated.

Donate here

Thank you.

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