‘Where are the jobs?’

Manyara Irene Muyenziwa

LEADER of a recently launched opposition party, Freedom of Rights under Sovereign (Forus) leader Manyara Munyenziwa yesterday castigated the government for failing to create jobs.

In apparent reference to popular preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa, Munyenziwa said it was regrettable that some sections of society were absolving the government of its responsibility of ensuring its citizens get jobs.

Popular preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa was trending recently on social media when he said it was not the duty of the government to create jobs after hosting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“It is regrettable in this instance that there is a raging debate in the country that seems to absolve the government of one of its obligations; the creation of jobs. No other authority can be held accountable. Business is just a social contract partner in this endeavour,” the Forus leader said.

“Zanu PF must stop the blame game in this economic meltdown predicament. It may try to dodge reality by blaming the sanctions but truly, the country’s economic meltdown is a result of misplaced and misdirected policies compounded by lack of political will, the corrupt culture and failure to address basic tenets of economic fundamentals.”

Zanu PF director of communications Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the criticism by Forus leader was a tired song, adding that the opposition was known for pushing “non-issues”.

“We have known opposition groupings and their proxies in civil society to always resort to non-issues in their desperate attempt to duck their complicity in calling for illegal sanctions against our people,” Mugwadi said.

“On corruption, our policy is very clear that corruption must be nipped in the bud and all those found wanting must carry their cross.”

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