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What are the Advantages of Keratin Hair Mask?


Every girl at least once in her life was looking for a way to repair damaged hair, resorting to the help of Premium Keratin Hair Mask, as keratin is a powerful protein that is recommended to repair damage and improve the condition of weakened hair. A damaged hair follicle, invisible to the eye, as well as the hair fiber itself, needs treatment and protection. Keratin is by far the best for filling porous gaps in the cuticle layer.

The amount of keratin in the hair can decrease not only due to the influence of a flat iron or hair dryer, but also due to ultraviolet rays, wind and other adverse effects. Thanks to the keratin treatment, the hair becomes brighter, smoother and healthier, it straightens and becomes soft. Among the other benefits of best keratin hair masks are:

  • Visible effect after the first application.
  • Hair is much easier to comb and style.
  • Curls become smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Laying is not afraid of wet weather and retains its original shape.
  • Hair is not electrified even under a headdress.
  • The main function of keratin for hair is protection from ultraviolet rays, wind. dust, frost.

Many girls still resort to straightening their hair with irons, hair dryers, curling irons and various  mousses and foams. However, this harms the hair, contributes to their loss and negatively affects the appearance.

Contraindications to the Keratin Procedure

Although Premium Keratin Hair Mask is quite popular among women, you need to be very careful and carefully study the contraindications before the procedure in order to avoid undesirable consequences:

  • Allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or mucous membranes.
  • If there are serious diseases of the body.
  • During pregnancy and lactation. At this time, exposure to chemicals on the body is not recommended.
  • With dermatological diseases, especially the scalp.
  • If the hair is thin and weak. Keratin makes hair heavier and this can increase hair loss.
  • In case of damage to the scalp as wounds, scratches, irritation.

In any case, it is alays better to consult with the spesialist, especially if you have any hesitation. A well-known fact is that the effect you get depends on the hair product you choose. The optimal amount of keratin is key — protein should be first on the ingredient list, not just a supplement. Check with what components your mask consists, there are too many conditioning substances that can reduce the effect of keratin exposure.

The procedure is recommended for owners of naughty, brittle, dull and dry strands who want to restore the smoothness and natural shine of curls. After using best keratin hair mask, do not go to the bath and sauna, refuse to travel to places with a humid and hot climate. Sleep on bedding made of silk or satin. Do not wear stiff or too tight elastic bands on your hair. It is also preferable to change skin care products to sulfate-free ones.


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