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Unique Types of Ear Piercings You Need To Know About


Ear piercings have advanced from the ordinary lobe and cartilage piercings. The jewelry available for every type of ear piercing has made it easy for those who want multiple ear -piercings. There are many positions on the ear where you can have piercings. Getting the ear piercing is not necessarily for beauty, in certain cases, ear-piercings are a mark of a certain event.

With so many options of piercings available today, it can be overwhelming to decide the type of piercing that you want. Nevertheless, before the stylist gauge the piercing on the other areas of your ear, get an advice from an ear expert on the right piercing position based on the anatomy of your ear. The following are some of the unique ear piercings that you can try out;

  1. Snakebites piercing

In this type, two close piercings are made close to each other and the jewelry can be matched or mismatched depending on your personal preferences. The earrings that are best fit for snakebites are either hops or studs.

Snakebites take a longer time to heal compared to other ear piercings. This means that extra care and attention are required because the piercings are close to each other and swelling can become intense. If you already have one piercing on the lobe of your ear, an additional piercing close to it makes a perfect snakebite.

  1. Stacked lobe piercing

The lobe is the best place to get a piercing especially if it is your first time. This is because it takes the shortest time to heal as the area is soft and also the less painful area of the ear. This is the most common ear piercing. Based on the lobe’s size, a person can get several piercings around this area.

This means that a certain pattern of ear piercings on someone else might not look good on you as lobes vary in size and shape. It is important that you consult with your ear piercer on the pattern of lobe piercings and also the best jewelry that will look good on you. It is advisable that you don’t get multiple lobe piercings at a go.

  1. Tragus piercing

The tragus is the thicker part of the cartilage that is at the center of the ear. From its name, the part of the ear looks like tragus. When ear specialists are piercing it, they start from the inner curved and the hard ear part. Since it is a wide area you can get several ear-piercings around it.  This piercing is usually understated as it is a piercing that is closest to the face and hence great care is required. For the earing option, you can go with cuff-like or stud earrings that go around the ear. This piercing takes up to a year to heal since of the thick skin on the tragus. Cleaning the area at least twice daily is a good way of fastening the healing process.

  1. Conch piercing

This type of piercing is positioned on the small part partially covering the ear canal. It is the part that in most cases has a hoop that cuffs to the outer side of the ear. Piercing the conch is done using a stud so as to prevent irritation and excessive swelling. This area usually takes around six to twelve months to cure well and hence a lot of patience is required.

Hoops and studs are excellent earring choices for a conch piercing. Gold cuffs that cover the entire area are another option of earring for the conch piercing.

  1. Daith ear piercing

The daith ear piercings is positioned on the ridge immediately below the rook. The jewelry for the daith piercing can be worn up or down depending on your personal preferences. Hoops are the best healing earring for this piercing as they provide ease in healing and cleaning of the area.

The jewelry for the daith piercing should not be heavy such that it strains the area. After the piercing has completely healed, stud earrings can be used.



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