Prophetess spreads wings to music

Beaullah Machiri

AWAY from the pulpit, Prophetess Beaullah Machiri of House of Prayer said her recently launched debut album titled Thank You Jesus was meant to spread the word of God through music.

Machiri, who is backed by Prophetic Voices, told NewsDay Life & Style that the six-track album seeks to bring glory to Jesus Christ as it is a reflection of His marvellous works and power.

“I like singing and I guess it is part of my prophetic gift,” she said.

“My journey of faith and my calling as a woman of God has inspired me to release this album with the mission to spread the word of God through music.”

Machiri said her compositions were inspired by societal issues.

“I wrote the song Pamabvi in a time of mourning. The song encourages people in despair not to stop praying as prayer heals and gives hope,” she said.

“As I am passionate about empowering women, I wrote them the song Madzimai and I also stand against child marriages. My call to other ministers of gospel and the communities is to protect children from abuse.”

Machiri, who is inspired by Nigerian singer, songwriter and senior worship leader at Loveworld Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu or Sinach, described herself as a truth transporter.

“I sing to worship not for fame or money. It is for His glory,” she said. “I am called to liberate souls through the truth of God. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit our guide and the holy Bible our standard of life,” said.

Some of the songs on the album are Zvakadaro, Todeedza Fire, Thank You Jesus, I Am Stronger and Jesus Christ.

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