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Pokugara Properties insists Katsimberis committed fraud


By staff reporter

The trial of property developer George Katsimberis who is accused of fraud after building a showroom with fraudulent approved building plan continued with state witness insisting he committed fraud.

The state witness Michael Van Blerk told Court during his cross examination by Katsimberis lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni saying Katsimberis committed fraud on himself and not his company.

Van Blerk said when Katsimberis committed the fraudulent he was not representing his company but he was on his own saying he must be punished for what he did.

Van Blerk said when he signed the agreement to build the showroom he signed for himself an not the company.

The witness further told court that Katsimberis company must not be the accused since he was representing himself and should be left out of the case.

He further told magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro that Katsimberis showed him fake approved plan to build the showroom and he didn’t do anything until the Harare City Council confirmed that the plan was fake.

“We believed that the accused had City of Harare approved plans. The City of Harare wrote to us telling us that the plans had not been approved. But the accused had shown us plans which he claimed were approved by them,” Van Blerk told court.

He told the court that they had a joint venture with Katsimberis to develop land owned by Pokugara Properties.

He said it was not a sale agreement as the land belonged to Pokugara Properties.

Katsimberis is accused of defrauding Pokugara Properties in a joint venture agreement after he used unapproved building plan to built a showroom.

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