Poet tackles the evil of climate change

Keith Ndlovu

BULAWAYO poet Keith Ndlovu says venturing into poetry has enabled him to use his voice and art to raise awareness on climate change issues.

To help tackle life’s critical issues such as depression and spreading awareness on the shifts in climate, Ndlovu has published his latest book titled Snow on Roses.

“Climate change is affecting people on a large scale through the unpredictable shift of weather patterns. This has left many people in starvation,” he told NewsDay Life & Style.

“Some of the people have been left with barren soils which are unable to yield any fruits of their hard work and will see them succumbing to loss of hope because of the dreaded climate change.”

Kabete says he has used his voice and art of writing to try and raise awareness on climate change and through his eco-friendly poems he hopes to lay bare the evils of climate change.

“I try to urge people as the inhabitants of the planet to be better citizens of the world because climate change is affecting us on a wider level,” Ndlovu said.

Despite writing on many other themes and issues, one of his poems on depression has caught the attention of many in the wake of an upsurge in suicide cases.

“The message behind Snow on Roses book is to change the narrative about conflicting issues like depression which explore deeper into issues of poverty and romance,” he said.

“In my community, I have seen people with depression living through the sternum of hopelessness, some trying to escape pain through alcohol, while others end up choosing the pavement of death. This alone has always affected me because depression seems to be the silent assassin within human livelihood.”

He also added: “I want to see artists making a living through poetry and also using their voices to raise awareness on issues like depression (mental health) and climate change as they are affecting many people within communities.”

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