Poet Moyo chides false doctrines

Mduduzi Terence Moyo (

BULAWAYO poet Mduduzi Terence Moyo forthcoming anthology, Echoes of The Modern Day Slave focuses on false doctrines and teachings.

The anthology, carrying 70 poems, will be published at the end of June if everything goes according to the script.

Moyo told NewsDay Life & Style that he compiled the anthology after realising that some people were victims of false prophecies as they pursued a better life.

“I am intrigued about exposing false prophets. I believe poetry is more than writing for pleasure, but an art that can be used to communicate and enlighten society,” he said.

“People have to be enlightened and the truth will set them free. It’s about time people embraced the truth and poetry is here to advocate for that.”

The anthology will also convey diverse themes such as religion, politics, love and inspiration.

“For the love theme, I focused on victims of false love, especially young people who get entangled with married people,” he said.

Moyo believes people are being slaves to different things and art should be used to break the mental shackles enslaving people.

“Society has to be set free from political slavery. We have to raise our own future leaders by coming together and sharing ideas. We need a society that is socially strong. When I crossed paths with local prophets, I learnt that they always demand payment and sacrifice. Freely they have received these gifts,” he added.

Commenting on the poetry industry in Zimbabwe, Moyo said it needed to be improved through hosting of more competitions from school to national level.

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