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‘Perseverance is the only way to go’


EXPERIENCE has taught us that perseverance is one of the major guiding principles to success.

Poet and author Takudzwa “VaChikepe” Chikepe is convinced that perseverance is the only way to go for the poetry industry to rise.

The poet, who has been showcasing his talent on several platforms, told NewsDay Life & Style that he has written over 3 600 poems and he makes it a daily routine to compose a poem.

“My mission is to publish the power of poetry and promote other forms of art by creating a sustainable workstation for artists to fully connect with each other and the world at large. I also aim to groom world-class artists through appreciating poetry and other forms of art,” he said.

In order to promote the arts industry, Chikepe has established a group named VaChikepe and the 100 sailors. He said he came up with this group to share his knowledge of poetry with aspiring artists.

“In Zimbabwe I am more interested in discovering new art for the established and rising artists. I always send my blessings because the life of an artist is a pain and a blessing,” he stated, adding that for the poetry industry to rise quality should improve.

Chikepe also pointed out that lack of investors was the other major challenge, adding that most investors were not investing in poetry hence sponsorship came from friends and family.

The poet, who is also a musician, has three albums under his belt and he recently released an online song called Zimunamato.

He and the group had not received any local awards but he was the first African to receive the Mutabaruka Award in the international Reggae and World Music awards in 2021.

Chikepe has also received talent recognition and appreciation at international and regional festivals in countries such as Kenya, Lesotho, Uganda, Nigeria and Uganda, among others.

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