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Nacz hosts inaugural Culture Imbizo and Exhibition


THE National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (Nacz) and Nature’s Cradle on Wednesday launched the first edition of the Culture Imbizo and Exhibition Cradle as part of the on-going Culture Month commemorations, which are held every May.

The launch held at Cresta Lodge, Harare, ran under the theme Clebrating diversity leaving no one behind. It saw different business executives engaging in a fruitful conversations with people in the creative industry.

Legal matters, investment for creatives and inclusion were some of the topics discussed.

In her speech, Phillip Phillip from Phillips Law emphasised the importance of contracts for those in the creative sector, while outlining the types of contracts  necessary for doing business.

“The artists must have someone to draw up their contracts. To make sure that they understand what the contracts entail,” said Phillip.

She mentioned record label, collection society, guest performance, distribution, music licensing, artist management as some of the contracts creatives should have, adding that it was also crucial for them to have a timeframe for the contract as well as a clause for termination.

The issue of inclusion was also scrutinised with emphasis being given to those living with disabilities with Masimba Kuchera, an inclusive consultant, taking the audience through the discussion.

“The arts industry, I think this is the best place where inclusion can take place because everyone has a story to tell and everyone will tell that story uniquely if given the opportunity and platform. So inclusion will allow as many stories as possible to be told,” he said.

“If inclusion does not start from the way you think, then you are all going to get it wrong, it is about how we are going to do it, how many people are able to take part in the process we are doing. For Nature’s Cradle I think it is a plus for you that you have decided to put inclusion at the beginning,” said Kuchera.

Rusell Mavudzi from the Music Management Forum of Zimbabwe shared on the importance of creatives’ management pointing out that the organisation is there to unite artistes with their managers.

He added: “Let us look at sounds such as jazz and appreciate our local music, we have artistes in Zimbabwe who do have some sing along songs. So in order for us to create unity among artistes we have created the Music Management Forum of Zimbabwe where we are uniting artistes. We are creating opportunities for them. We are standing as one unity and going further into the world.”

Another presenter, Tora emphasised the importance of education saying: “For someone who is a musician, why go through other subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry? That is a whole waste of time for a musician, just focus on your music.”

Nigel Chanakira discussed the issue of money, emphasising that creatives should possess some financial literacy.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority’s Godfrey Koto highlighted the importance of collaboration.

Koto said as ZTA they were open to collaborations with creatives so that there is room for discussion on how to sell creativity and the talent to neighbouring countries.

And in the true African style of cementing relations through having a meal together, the occasion was concluded by a buffet of traditional meals such as rice with peanut butter, maguru and sadza.

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