Music industry is brutal: K-Fresh



KEVIN K-FRESH is a multifaceted and extremely talented musician. He is well known for acting and digital artwork as well.

K-Fresh has been capturing the imagination of the music industry and arts world over the past few years.

K-Fresh is a student of the music game who is widely respected and celebrated by many huge public figures such as Rihanna’s producer, Future’s producer, Dr Dre’ producer, Usher’s producer and several more.

His intellect truly makes him stand out in any and all facets. He is steadily rising as clearly indicated by his decent Instagram following where he has over two million followers.

K-Fresh is also verified on Instagram and other social platforms. NewsDay Life & Style correspondent  Charles Myambo (ND) caught up with K-Fresh (KF) and below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: Is there a point at which your family suggested that your vision of becoming an artiste was unrealistic and if so, how did you handle it?

KF: “Yes, that happened to me and I believe it happens to most artists. Think about it, when you are sent to high school and college it’s rarely with music in mind.

“Most conventional career paths are the safest to pursue so it’s understandable when your family or friends are skeptical.

“It is risky because you might waste years of your life trying to accomplish something that very few people manage.

“In truth, the music industry is the embodiment of the phrase “high risk, high reward”. So, if you pursue that career path, brace up and don’t expect everyone to see your vision.

“In fact, it’s your responsibility to make everyone see your vision by becoming successful and showing them results.

“Sometimes you need to prove everyone wrong including your family.”

ND: What were your short and long-term goals five years ago and do you feel you have achieved them?

KF: “Well most of my short-term goals collectively make up my long-term goals. So inevitably I have accomplished most of my five-year short-term goals and a few of the long-term goals.

“Getting verified and having over two million Instagram followers was certainly a good short-term goal.

“Getting established as a musician was also a good short-term goal that was achieved. Perhaps the main long-term goals I have always had are discovering myself and finding the balance in my life.

“I can gladly say I have managed to discover more of myself and my purpose in the last five years, but I am still working on improving the balance in my life.”

ND: Several experts say the music game and the music industry as a whole is brutal, do you agree? 

KF: “Yes, to an extent that is true. The music industry is cut-throat and very few people make it. However, life itself is brutal too and your mindset is one of the most potent tools you possess

“In my experience, very few people expected me to be even a fraction of where I am. On some days it was doubtful whether I would ever make it as an artiste, but today I am grateful I kept fighting.

“So although the music industry is somewhat brutal, it does not mean you can’t make it. As long as you have the right mentality, consistency and willingness to learn I believe you can accomplish any feat in life.

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