Mupumha finds comfort in floral carving

Flower carving

SCULPTOR Itayi Mupumha says he has found comfort in floral carving after  dumping plans to be a flower producer.

Inspired by his multi-talented uncle, Richard Mupumha, a musician and visual arts icon, Itayi has become his own man through distinctive floral artifacts.

His floral (carving of flowers) artifacts are carved using different stones such as the cobalt, springstone, leopard rock and lepidolite.

Some of his notable creations include The Way of Life, Together We Stand, Global Tours, Endless Love and The Riches of True Love that are all displayed at his garden at Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mupumha paid tribute to his uncle for moulding him into a floral artist he has become.

“When one is taught a skill, it is wise to develop and shape it for economic benefits. I learnt a lot from my uncle-cum-teacher Richard and I have developed my own strong choice of flowers,” he said.

“Flowers were the easiest accessible source of inspiration, especially the alovera plant and all those types that blossom. We see flowers at special occasions such as weddings and the popular Valentine’s Day associated with roses.”

Mupumha said he regards flowers as symbols of people’s lives.

“When the wind blows, the sweet scent from flowers clears all tensions and can also comfort broken souls especially after funerals,” he said.

Explaining some of his artifacts, Mupumha said: “The Way of Life piece is a creation meant to psyche people to think before they act on all aspects of life. Mood swings are represented by spirals and windings which are at the flower’s tips.”

“The Together We Stand is self-explanatory that if people unite, they can stand against anything in life.”

He added: “the Global Tours piece is a flower creation meant for indoor displays for people to appreciate the newness and hope brought up by international exposure.”

“When people travel outside the country, many always bring something back home which improves their family lives or enhances business,” he said.

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